Camping Technology: Do Computers and Camping Mix?

So what about taking with you the slightly larger laptop, for example. Well, once again, a sticky question. After all, we're outdoors—going camping, right? How could this serve as necessary camping technology?

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It depends. The present size, weight and portability of notebooks and tablets, place the traditional concept in a different light. As a smaller device, that can achieve nearly all the same capabilities as the above mentioned gadgets (minus a phone call) it's the better choice for a packing-conscious camper.

Power Sources

So, assuming you decide to pack a few devices for you next multiday outing. How can you keep them charged? There is, of course, the car. With cigarette lighter adapters, most electronics can be tied-in to your car's battery for extra juice.

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But what if you're not driving much or are nowhere near your car once you arrive? Do you really want to put extra drain on your battery, particularly among the more remote, less populous destinations?

The latest and greatest alternatives to solving this problem include renewable energy, and for the most part by way of solar power. 

Technology can be a valuable addition to your camping trip; the right items could make all the difference, so choose wisely. 

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