9 Reasons Pinnacles National Park Has The "It" Factor

What was once a popular national monument has become America's newest national park—Pinnacles National Park. The legislation was signed into law on January 10, 2013, according to Nichole Andler, Chief of Interpretation at Pinnacles, and the unveiling ceremony was held on Feb 11, 2013.

Since then, people have found many reasons to visit the youngest national park in the system. "It's one of those places that you can describe, but when you leave Pinnacles, it's like this special place that has this intangible affect on you," says Andler. In 2013, Pinnacles National Park saw more than 237,000 recreational visitors, according to the Annual Park Ranking Report.

If you can't manage to make a visit just yet, here's what you have to look forward to.

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