8 Space-Saving Camping Items

Packing for a camping trip is a negotiation process: We can take this, if you're willing to leave this. As you fill the car, you eliminate extras while throwing in the necessities.

You don't have to choose your new grill over your favorite cooler though. These camping items, from bowls and hiking poles to tables and stoves, come in folding, collapsible and compact form so you can bring everything that you need and want.

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Collapsible Bowls and Plates

Everyone needs to eat, so bowls and plates are must-bring items for camping. Find collapsible sets of bowls, plates and more from popular brands such as MRS and Coleman.

Collapsible Table

No picnic table, no problem. Slide a collapsible table or two under the seat in your car or at the bottom of the trunk. These durable items can provide extra space for cooking, storing, and eating without taking any extra space.

Foldable Stools

Camping chairs, while they are foldable, still take up quite a bit of room. Create some space with folding stools, which fit into a small bag and weigh less than 3 pounds. Try the Ozark Trail swivel stool or check your local outdoors store for a variety of other brands.

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Multi-tasking gear helps you make the most of your packing space without compromising function—a mug-pot does exactly that. This space-saving item is small, around 900 milliliters, and doubles as a mug and a pot. Heat water, drink your coffee or warm up some pasta without adding much bulk.


Leave the box of assorted plastic silverware at home. The spork is a classic camping item and one that saves a small amount of space for something more important like extra batteries.

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