6 Unique Ground Beef Recipes for Camping

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Ground beef is a campsite staple and one of the most versatile food items you can bring. If you don't eat beef, try ground buffalo, venison, turkey, chicken, pork or a soy substitute that contains no meat at all.

Learn the basics of cooking with this ingredient and then try one of these delicious ground beef recipes, ranging from a Thai inspired curry dish to a meat lollipop.

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The Ground Rules

Like any meat, there are certain techniques that will bring out the most flavor in your ground beef. Keep these tips in mind as you test out the recipes below.

  • Often times it's best to buy the leanest ground meat to avoid pouring hot fat off into the fire or on your stove.
  • Mix lean bulk sausage with plain ground meat for added flavor.
  • When ground beef is on sale buy a big supply and brown it with onions and red and green peppers. Freeze it in batches and pull it out for a quick dinner. 
  • According to the USDA, beef and pork should read at least 160 degrees, as opposed to poultry at 180 degrees. For safety's sake use an instant-read thermometer to check for doneness.

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A Few Quick Recipes

If you already have your ground beef ready, try one of these quick-fire recipes:

  • Make meatball kebabs and grill them over the fire. 
  • Stir sliced olives and raisins into your sloppy joe mix. That's Cuban picadillo and it's served over rice.
  • Bake your favorite meat loaf recipe and then freeze the loaves. At camp, thaw them completely and wrap them in refrigerated piecrust. Bake at 375 degrees, or until the crust is golden for a quick and easy campsite dinner.

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