10 Roadside Attractions Worth Stopping For

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There's nothing like wacky roadside attractions to make your road trip more memorable. If you're on a long trip in the U.S., be sure to stop and snap a family photo at these 10 unique, historical and downright odd attractions.

The Beer Can House

Houston, Texas

Have you ever seen 50,000 beer cans in one place? Well, John Milkovisch has made it possible. The retired upholsterer started redecorating his home by laying marble, rock and wood in place of a lawn, and followed up by lining his house with this less traditional "aluminum siding." This funky looking house is one of the most unique drive-by roadside attractions.

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Mills End Park

Portland, Oregon

As if there weren't already enough reasons to visit Portland, Mills End Park gives you one more. Except the phrase, "Just go to Portland, you can't miss it," doesn't apply here. This 452 square-foot park, located on the corner of Naito Pkwy. and Taylor St., is the smallest park in the world, and even goes unnoticed by longtime local residents. It was designated as a city park in 1948 and earned its spot in the Guinness Book of World Records in 1971.

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Americas Largest Sundial

Carefree, Arizona

Lost your watch? Stop over in Carefree, Arizona, and get the time from America's largest sundial. Rising 62 feet into the sky this device is not only massive, it tells the right time.

American Classic Arcade Museum

Laconia, New Hampshire

If you think it will take the world's largest arcade to get your kids out from behind their phones, stop in Laconia. As one of the most interactive roadside attractions, your kids are sure to get excited. With over 250 games on the floor, you can play Computer Space from 1971, Death Race from 1976 and well-known games like Donkey Kong, as well.

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Lucy the Elephant

Margate City, New Jersey

Built as a way to drive interest to his beachfront property, James V. Lafferty erected Lucy the Elephant, a fully functioning building in the shape of an elephant. Morphing from a summer home, to a speakeasy and a restaurant, Lucy has seen many tourists since she was built in 1881. These days you can take a walking tour through Lucy the Elephant for a quick roadside stop.

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