Weight Loss: Small Changes That Make a Big Difference

To ensure you have sufficient funds in your bank account, you may have to sacrifice a few Starbucks lattes to reduce your expenses. Or, you may pick up a moonlighting gig to make some extra cash. If you're responsible about managing your finances most of the time, you can splurge from time to time and still make rent.

Similarly, incorporating small changes into your diet or exercise regimen can help you achieve your weight-loss goals—while still allowing you to budget in some of your favorite treats.

Here are a handful of manageable modifications to integrate into your lifestyle.

Use Low-Calorie Spreads Instead of High-Calorie Condiments

Spreads, condiments and sauces are often referred to as hidden calories, meaning they're not the essence of the meal, but contain significant calories. Oftentimes, you don't even realize you're consuming them. For example, 2 tablespoons of regular mayonnaise has more calories than 4 ounces of chicken breast. There's no question that the chicken breast would fill you up—and provide your body with nutrients—more than mayonnaise.

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Allow the core of your meal to be veggies and lean protein, not high-calorie, nutrient-deficient add-ons. To supply more flavor to your meals, use toppings such as pesto, mustard or hummus.

Pay Attention to What's Hiding In Your Drinks

Condiments are hidden calories. And high-calorie drinks are a perfect example of empty calories, meaning they're packed with calories, but provide no nutritional value.

Caramel macchiatos, mocha lattes and the like are frequently loaded with sugary syrups and heavy cream. These drinks often contain as many calories as an ice cream sundae.

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