Goat Milk Vs. Cow Milk

According to many recent studies, soy milk's been labeled "bad" for women, cartoned almond milk comes with sugar, preservatives and other very hard-to-pronounce ingredients (although for a healthier option, it's easy to make, by the way, and a great milk alternative),? large-scale production cow milk comes from animals that have been injected with genetically engineered growth hormones, is ultra-processed, homogenized and pasteurized, can cause allergies and produce lactose intolerance (raw cow milk will do your body better).?

But if you want to venture away from cow milk while still reaping all of its protein and vitamin benefits, give goat milk a try.?Of course, it's always best if you can find it fresh and raw, but not all of us have that luxury.?

Still, in many ways, the goats win in the goat-milk-vs-cow-milk debate. Here are some reasons why:?

Naturally Homogenized

Fat globules in goat milk are smaller than they are in cow milk and don't separate to the surface in curds, so there's no need to homogenize it. The absence of that processing step alone leaves goat milk in a more natural state that cow milk.?

Easier to Digest

Because goat milk is naturally homogenized, some people find it easier to digest. Likewise, the protein curds in goat milk are smaller and softer than in cows milk when they react in your stomach. The protein is then released into your bloodstream and body faster, as well, making it a more efficient means to protein. For these reasons, people with digestive issues and who are lactose intolderant may want to give it a try.?

We Get Along Better

Goat milk is also much closer to human, mother's milk than is cow milk ... so it just matches up with our body better. Because of this, goat milk contains bioactive components that protect our health.?

Seems To Be Allergy-Safe

Because goat milk contains a significantly smaller amount of a certain casein protein that's found in cow milk and is often an allergen—and because it is more similar to human milk—kids and adults who have milk allergies seem to do OK on goat milk.?

More Natural

Bye bye antibiotic residues, growth hormones and other toxins and contaminants used in the production of cow milk. Plus, goat milk still meets the same health codes and standards, so over all it seems like the better choice. And if you don't want to consume goat dairy in milk form, opt for chevre, other types of goat cheese or goat milk kefir or goat milk yogurt. Some states even allow markets to sell raw goat milk at places like Sprouts, Jimbos Naturally and Whole Foods so check it out. ?

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