Best Supplements for Fighting Inflammation That Work

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Inflammation is a natural and necessary response by the body's immune system. In recent years, fighting inflammation through diet has become an increasingly popular subject, especially among active people interested in taking excellent care of their health and bodies. Active people often use dietary supplements to support various exercise activities or to replenish their body post-workout, so interest in supplements to help control inflammation is also rising.

The Best Anti-Inflammatory Supplements - Our Top Picks

We're here to help you understand the top dietary supplement categories for controlling inflammation. When choosing the best anti-inflammatory supplements, think about the quality of the supplement, the dose needed, the form of the supplement, and the price.

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The health and safety of ACTIVE’s readers is of the utmost importance to us. To ensure your well-being when consuming dietary supplements, the editorial team prioritizes products that are independently tested by a third party. We’ve consulted with a team of nutritionists and dieticians to ensure the products we feature are of the highest standard. This helps us create the most accurate, authentic review content for our readers.

Best Curcumin - Transparent Labs Curcumin C3



  • Ingredients: Curcumin CS complex®, BioPerine® black pepper extract
  • Dosage: 1 capsule, up to 2x daily
  • Form: Capsules


Turmeric is a spice taken from the root of Curcuma longa and has been used medicinally in India for centuries. Curcumin itself is the active component found in turmeric and has many potential benefits, including acting as an antioxidant, reducing inflammation, and possibly improving cognition or preventing cognitive decline.(1)

Transparent Labs Curcumin C3 is our pick for the best curcumin supplement because it contains 500 milligrams of 95% bioactive curcumin extract and 5 milligrams of black pepper extract. Black pepper contains a compound called piperine that helps increase the absorption and bioavailability of the compounds in turmeric.

This supplement is made without artificial sweeteners, coloring, or preservatives. It is also suitable for vegetarians and vegans, contains no soy and gluten, and is clinically dosed and third-party tested. The dosage is one capsule; twice daily, so try timing it with your meals to stay consistent.

Best For

  • Users who want quality, third-party tested supplements
  • Those looking for a highly bioavailable curcumin/turmeric capsule
  • Users who can benefit from subscribe-and-save discounts

Not Best For

  • Those who dislike the spicy turmeric aftertaste

BUY: Transparent Labs Curcumin C3

Best Spirulina - KOS Organic Luminous Blue Spirulina Powder



  • Ingredients: Blue spirulina
  • Dosage: 1 scoop (1.5g)
  • Form: Powder


Spirulina is a blue-green algae superfood that is nutrient-rich—featuring vitamins and minerals beta-carotene, riboflavin, thiamine, Vitamins C, B6, E, and K, iron, magnesium, sodium, and potassium—and has powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects in the body.(2) It also has the potential to boost healthy immune system functions. We like KOS Organic Luminous Blue Spirulina Powder because vibrant blue spirulina powder is the sole ingredient in this resealable package.

This product contains zero grams of sugar, meaning no sweeteners are present or have been added to the formula. While this may make you hesitant to try it, especially if you aren't a fan of a fishy aftertaste, rest assured that this powder is flavorless. Reviewers love that KOS Organic Luminous Blue has no taste or odor and can mix easily into juices, smoothies, or baked goods. Lastly, this natural anti-inflammatory supplement is soy, gluten, and dairy-free and is produced in a GMP-certified facility.

Best For

  • Athletes looking for a natural, plant-based anti-inflammatory
  • Users with dietary restrictions
  • Those planning to mix an unflavored powder into smoothies or baked goods

Not Best For

  • Those looking for a product with a larger serving size
  • Users who want a flavored or sweetened powder

BUY: KOS Organic Luminous Blue Spirulina Powder

Best Vitamin D - Transparent Labs Vitamin D3 + K2



  • Ingredients: Vitamin D3, vitamin K2
  • Dosage: 1 capsule
  • Form: Capsules


Vitamin D is an essential vitamin in the human body. Vitamin D is known to have bone health benefits, such as helping with calcium absorption, bone growth, and bone remodeling.(3) The lesser-known benefits of vitamin D are its roles in cell growth, reducing inflammation, and helping with immune function. Transparent Labs Vitamin D3 + K2 contains 5,000 IU or 125 micrograms of vitamin D per one-capsule serving. It also has 100 micrograms of vitamin K2 to help your body better absorb the inflammation-fighting calcium from these vitamins.

This supplement contains no added colors, artificial flavors, preservatives, or gluten. However, this softgel is made with gelatin and is not vegan-friendly. Transparent Labs also has a fantastic subscribe-and-save program that will get you an additional 10% off an already budget-friendly price and free shipping.

Best For

  • Users looking for a highly absorbable vitamin D supplement
  • Those wanting a higher dosage
  • Users who can benefit from subscribe-and-save discounts

Not Best For

  • Those on a vegan diet
  • Users who need a lower dosage

BUY: Transparent Labs Vitamin D3 + K2

Best Fish Oil - Kaged Omega-3



  • Ingredients: EPA, DHA
  • Dosage: 2 softgels
  • Form: Softgels


Many studies show that there may be a link between regularly eating fish and improved health outcomes. The Omega-3 fatty acids found in fish provide many health benefits. More research is needed on the benefits of Omega-3 fatty acids found in fish oil.(4) Some research has suggested potential applications in the treatment of cardiovascular disease, rheumatoid arthritis, inflammatory bowel disease, and cognitive function.

Each two-softgel dosage of Kaged Omega-3 contains 3 grams of fish oil, which comes from 1,100 milligrams of the omega-3 fatty acid eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) and 900 milligrams of docosahexaenoic acid (DHA). Note that there's no suggested daily intake level of EPA or DHA in the Dietary Guidelines of the United States, though regular intake of fatty fish is encouraged. The recommended dosage for Kaged Omega-3 is two softgels daily with a meal. That and it's "fish-burp-free."

Best For

  • Athletes looking for highly dosed and absorbable fish oil supplement
  • Users who value a clean, full-disclosed formula
  • Those who want to avoid the dreaded fish aftertaste

Not Best For

  • Vegans or those avoiding gelatin capsules
  • Those looking for a more inexpensive fish oil option

BUY: Kaged Omega-3

Best Vitamin C - Transparent Labs Immune



  • Ingredients: Vitamin C, vitamin D, vitamin B12, magnesium, zinc, dried teast fermentate, organic reishi mushroom, ginger extract
  • Dosage: 4 capsules
  • Form: Capsules


Vitamin C is an essential vitamin that must be consumed in the diet or supplemented. Vitamin C acts as an antioxidant in the body and can help reduce inflammation. It also has a role in immune support, wound healing, and iron absorption. Transparent Labs Immune—we really like Transparent Labs at ACTIVE—contains 250 milligrams of vitamin C, which provides more than the RDA for vitamin C of 90 milligrams per day for adult men and 75 milligrams for women.(5) It also contains several other immune-defense and detoxifying ingredients like zinc, ginger extract, and organic reishi mushroom.

Transparent Labs Immune is formulated with clinically-studied ingredients and is free of artificial flavors, sweeteners, colors, or additives. The daily dosage is four capsules, so keep that in mind if you are at all pill averse.

Best For

  • Those looking for a high amount of vitamin C per serving
  • Users who can benefit from additional immune-boosting ingredients
  • Regular purchasers interested in a subscribe-and-save program

Not Best For

  • Users that have difficulty swallowing multiple pills
  • Those who are vegan

BUY: Transparent Labs Immune

Best Bromelain - Clinical Effects Digestive Enzymes



  • Ingredients: Bromelain, papain, Makzyme-Pro™ enzyme blend
  • Dosage: 1 capsule
  • Form: Capsules


Bromelain is an enzyme naturally found in pineapple. Bromelain is a compound that is absorbed well by the body and has few side effects. However, it should not be taken by people with a pineapple allergy since bromelain is derived from pineapples. Bromelain is classified as a food additive by the FDA and is generally recognized as safe (GRAS). There are promising studies on bromelain for many conditions, including cardiovascular and gastrointestinal diseases, although much of the research so far has been done on animals.(6)

We chose Clinical Effects Digestive Enzymes for this category because it contains 90 GDU (gelatin digestion units) of potent bromelain. In addition to the potential benefits of bromelain, this supplement contains papain, an enzyme derived from papaya that has shown additional anti-inflammatory properties and is often combined with bromelain.(7) Clinical Effects Digestive Enzymes also features a trademarked probiotic blend to help further aid in gut health.

Best For

  • Those looking for a well-dosed bromelain supplement
  • Users who prefer products that are paraben, sulfate, and cruelty-free
  • Users who appreciate a product with a money-back guarantee

Not Best For

  • Athletes who avoid supplements with proprietary blends
  • Those who only want bromelain extract

BUY: Clinical Effects Digestive Enzymes

Best Ginger - Athletic Greens - AG1



  • Ingredients: Vitamins and minerals, superfood complex, plant extracts, mushroom complex, dairy-free probiotics
  • Dosage: 1 scoop (12g)
  • Form: Powder


Ginger is not just a delicious addition to various recipes, but it also has several antioxidative and anti-inflammatory properties that may help reduce muscle pain after strenuous activities.(8) You can easily find ginger supplements in tablet, powder, and chewable forms, but for this list, we're taking a different approach with our top pick in this category. Athletic Greens powder contains 75 vitamins, minerals, and probiotics that help aid the digestive process and enhance your body's nutrient absorption, as well as the benefits for your immune system and energy levels.

The ginger component of Athletic Greens is part of its 7,800-milligram Alkaline, Nutrient-Dense Raw Superfood Complex that includes ginger rhizome powder, or pure ginger root extract, meaning it's full of the plant's protein and nutrients. Athletic Greens - AG1 is non-GMO and excellent for those on a vegan, vegetarian, paleo, keto, or low-carb diet. This dynamic powder is a bit more expensive than your average strictly-ginger supplement, but if you're looking for a more all-encompassing anti-inflammatory, we highly recommend Athletic Greens.

Best For

  • Those looking for a high-quality supplement with added ginger
  • Users who have difficulty with capsules and prefer a mixable powder
  • Those who want additional vitamins and minerals in their supplement

Not Best For

  • Those looking for a more traditional ginger supplement
  • Athletes on a budget

BUY: Athletic Greens- AG-1

Best Resveratrol - Clinical Effects Resveratrol



  • Ingredients: Resveratrol
  • Dosage: 1 capsule
  • Form: Capsules


Resveratrol is a polyphenol that has been studied for its positive anti-inflammatory effects and benefits to overall health, it is typically found in grapes and red wine.(9) Clinical Effects Resveratrol contains 600 milligrams per serving of this natural ingredient in a once-daily dosage. This product is slightly more expensive than similar offerings, but Clinical Effects does offer subscription benefits and a money-back guarantee on all their products. Their nutritional supplements are also paraben, sulfate, and cruelty-free.

Best For

  • Those looking for supplement that just contains resveratrol
  • Users who prefer products that are paraben, sulfate, and cruelty-free
  • Those who would benefit from a membership/subscription program

Not Best For

  • Those who prefer third-party tested supplements
  • Users on a budget

BUY: Clinical Effects Resveratrol

Best Green Tea Extract - Jacked Factory Green Tea Extract



  • Ingredients: Green tea extract, AstraGin®
  • Dosage: 1 capsule
  • Form: Capsules


Green tea has many potential health benefits and has been used for medicinal purposes in Asia for centuries and has a high antioxidant content. The National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health is currently funding research on green tea and green tea extracts, including studies on inflammatory bowel disease and green tea's cholesterol-lowering potential.(10)

Jacked Factory Green Tea Extract provides 725 clinically-dosed milligrams of green tea extract per one-capsule serving. It also features AstraGin®, a patented combination of antioxidant-rich Astragalus membranaceus extract and Panax ginseng extract which are included to help absorb the polyphenols from the green tea. Be sure to consult a physician before taking a green tea supplement if you have liver disease or risk for a liver condition, as liver problems have been found in a small subset of people taking green tea extract supplements.

Best For

  • Those looking for a high dosage of green tea per serving
  • Athletes looking for an energy boost
  • Users needing a budget-friendly green tea supplement

Not Best For

  • Athletes avoiding patented or proprietary blends
  • Those with preexisting liver conditions

BUY: Jacked Factory Green Tea Extract

Best Garlic - Care/Of Garlic



  • Ingredients: Garlic oil bulb
  • Dosage: 1 capsule
  • Form: Capsules


Garlic was historically used in ancient medicine to treat diseases such as cholera and flu. Garlic is a natural plant food and is a very popular seasoning in many cultures and countries. Garlic has been studied in recent times for its many health-promoting benefits. The known health benefits of garlic include acting as an antioxidant in the body, having anti-inflammatory effects, and helping boost the immune system.(11) It can also protect you from vampires—just kidding.

Care/Of Garlic softgel is formulated for optimal absorption and contains 2 milligrams of garlic oil bulb, which is the equivalent of 1,000 milligrams of fresh garlic. It is non-GMO, third-party tested, and does not contain eggs, fish, milk, peanuts, sesame, shellfish, soy, tree nuts, or wheat.

Care/Of is a subscription-based platform, so you will have to sign up for a 30-day auto-renewing supply, but you can cancel at any time. If you're searching for more than just garlic pills, Care/Of has several combinable vitamin and mineral options for their personalized packs.

Best For

  • Those looking for personalized vitamins delivered on a monthly basis
  • Users who just want garlic pills in their purest form
  • Those who prioritize third-party tested products

What We Don't Like

  • Users uninterested in a monthly vitamin service
  • Those on a budget

BUY: Care/Of Garlic

What is Inflammation? 

According to The Cleveland Clinic, inflammation occurs when the body is injured or encounters offenders such as viruses, toxins, or bacteria.(11) During one of these situations, the immune system is activated and sends out inflammatory cells to start the healing process.

In chronic inflammation, inflammatory cells may be sent out even when not needed to fix an acute issue. Chronic inflammation can damage tissues and cause chronic pain or swelling.

A healthy diet—full of foods such as plants, fatty fish, and olive oil—adequate sleep, and a low-stress lifestyle is all good ways to control inflammation naturally. Dietary supplements with anti-inflammatory ingredients may help fill gaps in your diet and provide vitamins or other natural compounds to help fight inflammation, too.

How To Choose Supplements for Inflammation for You

Check with your healthcare provider before starting any new dietary supplement, especially if you have health conditions, taking medications, or are pregnant or breastfeeding. After checking with your healthcare provider, consider the following factors when choosing anti-inflammatory supplements.


Compare a few supplement options within the same category to see how many active ingredients each brand contains per serving. Consider how many capsules or pills you'd need to take to reach the recommended dose. Avoid megadoses of ingredients, as they're typically not necessary and may even be detrimental in some cases.


Supplements are available in a wide range of forms. Depending on the type of supplement category, you can usually find the supplement in a form that works for you. If you have trouble swallowing pills or hard capsules, look for a smaller soft gel capsule, gummy, or powder that might be available to take instead.


Many dietary supplements are available both from premium brands and more budget-friendly and widely available supplement brands. Compare labels of similar supplements to see which one fits your budget and the preferred ingredients best.


Many supplement companies don't perform third-party testing or follow FDA guidelines for good manufacturing practices. Look for brands that have quality assurances in place, so you know the supplement contains what the label claims.

FAQs About Anti-Inflammatory Supplements

Is Vitamin D an anti-inflammatory?

Yes, vitamin D has some anti-inflammatory and immune benefits. Vitamin D deficiency is thought to have a significant effect on inflammatory disorders, but more research is needed.(12) A best practice would be to ensure you meet the Recommended Daily Allowance for vitamin D each day, either through a supplement of fortified dairy products. You could also ask a healthcare provider for a blood test to determine if you have a vitamin D deficiency.

How do you reduce inflammation in the body?

A diet full of antioxidant-rich foods like tomatoes, olive oil, nuts, spinach, kale, collard greens, fatty fish, and fruits such as berries, cherries, and oranges may help fight inflammation. Focus on healthy sleep habits and getting enough sleep to help reduce inflammation, too. Consider supplementing with high-quality dietary supplements if you aren't able to meet your full nutrition needs from your diet, such as adding in supplemental vitamin D or a fish oil supplement if your diet is weak in those areas.

What is a strong natural anti-inflammatory?

A healthy diet full of fruits and vegetables, fatty fish, and healthy fats such as olive oil helps fight inflammation. Other natural substances with anti-inflammatory effects include garlic, ginger, and vitamins such as vitamin D and vitamin C. In addition, dietary supplements such as turmeric and green tea extracts may also work as powerful anti-inflammatory substances.


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