Active Cookbook: Easy Breakfast Recipes for Athletes

Thirty-one million Americans skip breakfast every day, according to data compiled by market research company The NPD Group. If you're an athlete who doesn't eat before noon, your metabolism, performance and concentration will likely improve if you simply consume a morning meal. But, what's the best breakfast to eat?

A study published in the International Journal of Food Sciences and Nutrition offered 14 participants four different breakfast options: two fat-rich meals, one low-fiber and high-carb meal and one high-fiber, high-carb meal on separate mornings. After breakfast, the subjects completed appetite and alertness ratings, and recorded their food intake for the rest of the day. Study results found:
- The high-fiber, high-carb meal kept participants sated the longest
- Participants who ate the high-fiber, high-carb meal showed the highest alertness ratings between breakfast and lunch
- Participants ate more total calories and fat during the day when they ate the high-fat breakfasts
- Researchers found that subjects who ate the low-fiber, high-carb breakfast tended to stay satisfied longer than those who ate the high-fat meals, but for less time than those who ate the high-fiber, high-carb meal.

What does this mean for athletes? Eat a high-carb, high-fiber breakfast as often as you can. It'll not only restock the muscle glycogen you deplete after each training session (even if your workout isn't until the afternoon), but it'll also help you manage your weight. And it'll help you concentrate better on work, training, errands or other tasks you need to get done before lunch. Here are 10 easy breakfast recipes that provide the carbs, fiber, protein and variety that athletes need.

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