Use Your Hands to Control Portion Sizes

Do you look at the label when you pour a bowl of cereal? When you do, you'll see a variety of nutritional facts including serving size. Yet many confuse serving size with portion size: Portion size is the amount you choose to dish out, while serving size is the specific measured amount listed on the label.

The two work together like this: "If the package has 3 servings, and you eat the whole package, you must multiply the nutrition information times three. That would be your portion," according to

While serving sizes have stayed about the same in the past 50 years, portion sizes have ballooned; restaurant meals are 250 percent larger than a standard portion, according to Portion Size Me: Downsizing Our Consumption Norms. Not to mention American's underestimate their portion sizes by as much as 25 percent thanks to larger plates, bowls and glasses.

Don't underestimate your portions anymore; use this serving size guide to eat only as much as you need.

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