Easy, Tasty, Stress-Free Holiday Recipes for People Who Hate Cooking

If you can't cook or hate to slave over cookbooks in the kitchen, there's no shame in preordering cooked holiday meals or buying ready-made foods at the grocery store; it gets the Herculean task of feeding a small army of family and friends at holiday parties done, and somebody else endured the effort of preparing the food.

But precooked holiday meals can be expensive and often have cut-off ordering dates (likely that have passed by the time you get around to ordering). Store-bought pies, ready-made whipped cream, fried onions in a tin, ready-to-roast turkey in a bag, jarred gravy, or dehydrated stuffing and mashed potatoes in a box are often loaded with chemicals, preservatives, sodium and unhealthy fats.

When you prepare your own holiday dishes at home, you control the cost, quality of ingredients and the shopping and preparation schedule. Yes, it's more effort to make your own holiday food, but that doesn't mean the process has to be hard, time-consuming or stressful. The following shopping list and recipes are fuss-free, crowd-pleasing ideas that even those who detest working in the kitchen can create successfully.

Don't forget to print this shopping list so you can take it with you to the grocery store.

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