Thanksgiving Recipes That Will Wow Your Guests

This year, give your Thanksgiving menu a makeover with some distinctive and healthy dishes. These good-for-you turkey tips and not-so-ordinary recipes, which include a vegetarian main dish, a veggie-rich side, an antioxidant-laden sauce and an effervescent cocktail, will wow your guests.

6 Tips to Make Your Turkey Healthier

This Thanksgiving, use these tips to cook a flavorful turkey that's good for you.

1. Choose pasture-raised: Turkeys who were allowed to forage in a pasture and who consumed a variety of plants contain a greater amount of omega-3 fatty acids, which support heart and brain health.

2. Choose organic: Organic turkey guarantees less risk of contamination and a broader and better nutrient quality, as well as a greater amount of protein, B vitamins, choline, selenium and zinc.

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3. Choose fresh vs. frozen: Additives like erythorbate and MSG are never allowed in a fresh turkey.

4. Cook it breast-side down: To consume the greatest amount of protein found in the turkey, cook your turkey breast-side down to keep it juicy, then remove the skin before eating. The amount of protein can vary from cut to cut, based on how the turkey uses its muscles to move and how much fat is found in each area.

5. Keep it cold: Always keep your raw turkey refrigerated. A temperature of 40 degrees Fahrenheit is recommended for safety. Store your turkey in the coldest party of the refrigerator—the bottom and toward the back. Turkey is cooked when the internal temp reaches 170 degrees.

6. Marinate it in the fridge: Marinate or brine your turkey in the refrigerator. The healthiest marinade is lemon juice, salt and pepper rubbed on and under the skin.

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