Active Cookbook: Healthy Carbs for Endurance Athletes

If you're an endurance athlete, carbohydrates are the main source of energy to fuel your training and racing, despite what some fad diets might lead you to believe. Carbs are particularly important for performing at a high level (whatever that means for you) in distance events like the marathon, Ironman and century rides. This month's Active Cookbook focuses on carbohydrate sources for endurance athletes, but it won't give you run-of-the-mill pasta recipes, and no old-school advice to chow down on bagels and bananas on race morning. Of course, these forms of carbohydrates are perfectly fine if that's what works for you, but if you have the interest and ability to experiment with different carb sources as you're building up for your goal race, why not step away from the sliced bread and try something new?

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