6 Healthful Holiday Eating Tips

Holiday meals are times of delight for those of who enjoy family, friends and great food. But, they can also be challenging when watching your weight. With a simple game plan for eating healthy at gatherings, you can partake in all your favorite fare and still keep your figures in shape.

Remember, less is more at holiday events. Take smaller portions than you normally would at home because you often have more choices of things to eat and drink. You'll have more than enough and won't overdo any particular dish.

If you are bringing food to a party or hosting an event, here are healthful holiday eating tip tips to make your holiday dishes healthier and tasty.

Go for the White Meat

A 3-ounce serving of skinless white turkey meat contains 25 grams of protein, barely 3 grams of fat, and less than 1 gram of saturated fat, according to Harvard Health Publications of Harvard Medical School. It's the dark meat and skin that carry lots more fat so opt for the lighter choice.

Make Homemade Cranberry Sauce

Making cranberry sauce from scratch is easy. It takes about 15 minutes and ensures you the freshest, preservative-free sauce made without refined sugar. Wash and boil a bag of cranberries, stirring constantly once they begin to pop, until you have a jelly-like consistency. Add your own natural sweetener: try honey or agave or for a deeper flavor, natural dark maple syrup.

Go Green

Be sure to load up your plate with green veggies. Your body will be happy with the balance. Holiday favorites include green beans, peas or green salad. If you are invited to bring a dish to a party, volunteer to bring a vegetable. Your health-conscious friends will appreciate your thoughtfulness.

Enhance Stuffing

Add saut?ed vegetables such as onion, celery and mushrooms to your stuffing. Or use fresh fruit such as apples, cranberries or raisins to make your stuffing healthier.

Bite-Sized Desserts

With so many sweets to sample during the holidays, try taking bite sizes. Cut pie slices in half; split cupcakes with a co-worker; take one cookie instead of four. Eat your smaller portions slowly and savor them more. You'll satisfy your cravings and have fewer calories to work off tomorrow.

Stay Hydrated

When you drink wine, beer or other alcohol, be sure to drink water to help you remain hydrated. Every body is different, but one glass of water for each glass of wine is a nice benchmark.

Follow these healthful holiday eating tips and you'll be able to celebrate longer and still feel like working, or shopping, the entire holiday season.

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