Heal Your Body With Yoga

Mariah Carey

Treatment Acupuncture for the Promotion of Fertility

What she says: Carey took up needling after a miscarriage in 2008. Happily, her first child is due this spring. "People who know me would be, like, 'You scheduled acupuncture at a certain time every day?'" she told Access Hollywood.

What science says: Studies are mixed and subjects were women who exclusively used in vitro fertilization. (Carey says she didn't.) A 2008 review concluded acupuncture produced 65 percent better odds of pregnancy. Five months later, however, a larger review in the International Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology found needles had no effect.

Courtney Love

Treatment Chanting for Anxiety and Depression

What she says: Love has been known to spend two to three hours a day chanting repetitive prayers created by ancient yogis. "It kills anxiety and depression dead," she told The Telegraph.

What science says: Dooo it. Dooo it. Chanting confers all the benefits of meditation and helps blood flow in two parts of the brain that regulate stress, Nuclear Medicine Communications reports. But no need to emulate Courtney (please!).

A mere 12 minutes a day improves memory, energy and mood, says Dharma Singh Khalsa, M.D., medical director of the Alzheimer's Research and Prevention Foundation, in Tucson, Arizona.

Uma Thurman

Treatment Gemstone Therapy for Fatigue

What she says: Thurman has reportedly donned an orange carnelian necklace to boost vitality. The idea is that gemstones embody energy that encourages cells to heal.

What science says: "Can we say from a scientific standpoint that a gem can help your body? No," says Dr. Bauer of the Mayo Clinic. "That said, if you want to hang an amethyst in front of your breakfast bowl, I can't argue too much. It's pretty."

Get Your qi on

More than half of you say you've never heard of qigong. But the ancient Eastern practice, also known as Chinese yoga, can ease a long list of ailments, including heart disease, bone loss, high cholesterol and type two diabetes.

Try these moves from Samuel Barnes, star of the DVD Element: Tai Chi for Beginners. (Tai chi is a form of qigong.) "You'll strengthen your immune system and feel your energy surge," he says. Hooked? Find a teacher at QigongInstitute.org.

Lifting Hands

Stand tall with your feet hip-width apart, knees slightly bent, hands hanging down in front of thighs. Inhale and lift both hands to chest level, leading with the wrists (as shown). Then exhale and bring hands back to thighs, "painting the wall" with fingertips. Repeat for two minutes.

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