5 Ways to Speed Up Your Metabolism

First, I have to clear something up—there is no pill that will increase your metabolism. Metabolism is based on what your body can burn throughout the day and sustained naturally each day. So, those pills that make you feel jittery or like your heart is beating out of your chest, are not doing anything for your metabolism.

These pills are actually putting harmful stress on your body, which will, very soon, make you gain weight. The speed of your metabolism is not based off of your family genes or what pills you purchase—it's about what you eat and how you move.

You can control how your body burns calories and manage your weight with these five ways to speed up your metabolism.

The Breakdown

Eat Breakfast

Start your day with fuel to burn, if not, it will run like a car running out of gas. Your metabolism needs fuel to keep active.

Stick to a Schedule

If your body eats and sleeps on the same schedule, it will burn on schedule. If you deprive it of these things, it will not burn anything and then slow down.

Drink Water

You can survive without food for weeks, but most people die or make bad decisions after one day without water. Eight to 10 glasses of water can change a dragging metabolism to a movin' and groovin' body.

Intensity is a Good Thing

Give your body at least one intense workout a week. If you demand more of your body, it burns more.


Use every opportunity to walk a little farther, carry items instead of using a cart, or play with your furry friend. The idea is to keep moving, which will help speed up your metabolism.

Remember, there may be a new fad every week, but you only get one body.

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