4 Mental Tips to Overcome Pre-Race Jitters

Nervous about your upcoming race? Release the butterflies and utilize the power of your mind to overcome self imposed limitations.

Follow the positive mind-set strategies provided here, and create success from gunshot to finish line cheer.

Carb-Load Your Mind

The days leading up to race day, the morning of, and into the race, make a commitment to affirm positive thoughts. Fear can be a real head trip, don't let your thoughts go to the What If's.

  • "What if I don't finish?"
  • "What if I get a cramp?"
  • "What if I'm too tired to carry on?"

It's important to remember, your mind is the control panel to your body. You must feed your mind positive expectancy, just as you would fuel yourself with proper nutrition. Train your mind with supportive mental language to elicit a positive response from your body. Think of your internal language as planting the seeds that will provide the results you desire.

At the start line, instead of thinking, "I'm nervous", replace it with "I'm excited to have this experience".  During the race, if your body begins to feel a lack of energy remind yourself, "I'm Strong" rather than "I'm getting tired." Write down a list of affirmations beforehand as mental training. Draw upon them during race time.

"I AM...

  • ...showing up to my life today.
  • ...worthy of being here.
  • ...leaving old habits behind.
  • ...strong.
  • ...my true potential.

Prepare your personal affirmations and include them as part of your training. Allow only positive messages to enter into your consciousness. If worries and what if's creep in, hit the delete button, and reaffirm your expected outcome through your internal language.

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