Cooking Checklist for Camping

Cooking Checklist for Camping

Make sure you have all the essentials for your next camping trip. Print this checklist and use it as a guide while you pack.

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Large water jug and water bucket


Cooking oil






Stove with fuel/propane


Storage containers




Dish pan


Campfire grill/BBQ grill


Dish rags/Towels


Fire starters/Newspaper


Scrub pad/Brillo


Pots/frying pans with lids


Folding Table


Cooking utensils: Spatula, knife, spoon


Tablecloth/Thumb tacks/Clips


Mugs/Paper cups


Trash bags




Paper towels


Silverware/Plastic silverware


Heavy duty Aluminum Foil


Plates and bowls/Paper plates and bowls


Dish soap




Water filters/Purification system


Skewers/Grill Forks


Ziplock bags


Can opener/Bottle opener




Mixing bowl


Plastic grocery bags


Cutting board


First Aid Kit


Work gloves




Measuring cups



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