Hoops Drill for Defensive Linemen

Objective: To develop the ability of a defensive lineman to get on the edge of an offensive player in pass protection. Also, to teach the defensive lineman to shorten the corner around the pass protector.

Equipment: A painted circle or a circle made with PVC pipe. You can also use a hose.

Procedure: The Coach positions a defensive lineman one-yard outside the circle. On the coach's command, the lineman should burst from his stance and run the circle twice. The defensive player should concentrate on staying as close to the circle as possible.

Coaching Points

  • In order to stay as close to the circle as possible, the defensive lineman should try and lean into the circle as far as he can without falling.
  • If the defensive lineman falls down he should crab back up and continue running.
  • This lean will give the offensive lineman no surface to punch, or block, the defensive lineman with, because the lean turns the shoulders sideways, making the pass rusher thin.
  • Teaches the pass rusher to get skinny and help avoid the pass protector.

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