Drills to Improve QB Technique

Quarterback with very short choppy steps only moves 2-3 feet in the drill in each direction. The last command by the coach is to "throw" to the partner. The coach then turns around and executes the drill with the partner quarterback.

Key points of emphasis:

  1. Quarterback stands tall.
  2. Quarterback is very quick in his drop and with his foot movement.
  3. Quarterback's head is constantly forward the entire time watching the coach. Once completed, the drill can also be executed for a five or seven- step drop.

Boot/Sprint out and throw

Two quarterbacks start (one with a ball) facing each other 10 yards apart but staggered so one quarterback is 15 yards to the right of the quarterback with the ball. The coach stands roughly equidistant between both quarterbacks.

The quarterback with the ball faces forward in an "under center" position. On the coaches' command the quarterback executes a bootleg, faking a handoff to his left, and then bootlegging to his right and throwing the ball to his partner quarterback. The quarterback who just completed the throw returns to his original position. The coach turns around and has the partner quarterback execute the drill.

Once the boot phase is completed the quarterbacks complete the drill using sprint out techniques. Then both quarterbacks move ten yards up field and turn around so they can execute the drill to the left side. This continues until the coach determines a sufficient amount of repetitions have been completed.

Throw on the run drill

Two quarterbacks face each other 15 yards apart with one quarterback having a ball. As the quarterback with the ball begins "running" towards his partner, the partner backpedals. The quarterback with the ball throws the ball to his partner.

As his partner catches the ball he now begins to run forward with the other quarterback now back peddling. The quarterbacks run and backpedal as they play catch with the football until the coach determines a sufficient amount of repetitions have been completed.


In all of these drills the coach is working with the quarterbacks on perfecting their techniques in throwing, executing a toss sweep or option pitch and establishing proper footwork. Special attention to the focus of the quarterback's eyes and footwork in these drills will do a great deal to improve the efficiency and quickness of the quarterbacks.

Todd Krueger is a former NFL QB for the Buffalo Bills he runs a youth football/quarterback coaching website called www.footballtools.com. He can be emailed at footballtools@cox.net

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