Shin Splints

Shin Splints Symptoms, Prevention & Treatment

Shin Splints 101: Treatment and Prevention


Shin splints are one of the most common injuries runners encounter. Are your shins throbbing after your daily run? You might have them.


A common cause is simple overuse, which can irritate and swell the muscles. Shin splints can also be caused by stress fractures (tiny breaks in the lower leg bones), over pronation and weakness in the hips or core.


Runners can start to feel shin splints after increasing their workout intensity. You can also get them if you switched the surface you run on or the shoe you run in.


The treatment is pretty simple: rest, ice your shin, take an anti-inflammatory painkiller and/or do range-of-motion exercises. You can also go to physical therapy to try to find out what happened in your running to cause them.


Below are ways for you to better understand shin splints, how to treat them and, most importantly, prevent them from coming back.


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