Your Monstrous, Calorie-Burning Holiday Workout

Cheesy appetizers, buttery meals and sugary desserts—the holiday season seems like a weight-gain trap. No wonder it's so easy for the average American to consume 3,000 calories during a holiday dinner, according to ACE Fitness. Throw in the other snacks and you're well over 4,500 calories. In one day you've gained 1 to 2 pounds—3,500 calories equals 1 pound of fat. But that doesn't mean you have to avoid all foods during the holidays.

"All holiday delicacies can be enjoyed so long as they're eaten in moderation and combined with a proper exercise plan," says Dr. Cedric Bryant, ACE chief exercise physiologist.

To keep the mashed potatoes and pumpkin pie away from your waist, take on this killer routine. Michael Cummings, SKLZ Performance Specialist, developed this monstrous, butt-kicking workout designed to burn 3,000 calories. One round burns 1,000. But don't stop there. Complete three rounds to blast your holiday feast.

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Workout Overview

Jump Rope

Jumping rope burns about 10 calories per minute. The average person can jump 75 times in one minute. Use a weighted rope, like the SKLZ Weighted Jump Rope, to burn 20 calories per minute.


A 100-yard sprint burns 50 calories. Try doing a 100-yard sprint with the SKLZ Speed Chute to burn 75 calories.

Training Ropes

Training Ropes on average burn 20 calories per minute.

Medicine Ball

Medicine ball workouts burn on average 15 calories per minute.

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