Urevo Treadmill Review: A Compact Home Fitness Solution

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Many of us long to find solutions to work more physical activity into our daily life, breaking past our sedentary lifestyles and stirring the blood flow throughout the day. One way to do that is by getting a foldable, under-desk treadmill. These treadmills offer a folding design that makes them compact and easy to store, meaning you can quite easily stash it somewhere out of the way, then quickly assemble it for a mid-day cardio session.

The Urevo treadmill is one of the most popular pieces of equipment in this category, but is it really the best buy? The ACTIVE Reviews Team has carefully considered this product on the basis of performance, durability, ease of storage, price point, and more. Here's our comprehensive Urevo treadmill review.

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A Quick Look at the Urevo Treadmill


  • Dimensions: 54.7"D x 26.4"W x 5.1"H
  • Weight: Approximately 59 lbs.
  • Weight capacity: 265 lbs.
  • Belt size: 17"
  • Speed: 7.6 mph


When you're stuck in an office all day, finding time to get up and get moving can be a real challenge. The Urevo treadmill was made with this concern in mind, providing a space-saving cardio solution that you can easily keep somewhere in your office. It also happens to be an outstanding piece of equipment for your home, especially if you have a home fitness area with a smaller footprint, and simply don't have sufficient room to set up a proper treadmill.

What We Like

  • Very easy to move and fold
  • Very easy to assemble
  • Price point is reasonable, and much more affordable than a standard treadmill
  • Supports walking and jogging
  • Widened belt provides a little more room to move

What We Don't Like

  • Weight limit is 265 lbs. (the industry standard is 300)
  • Low-quality buttons
  • No incline options

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A Closer Look at Urevo Treadmill

Urevo Treadmill

Here's a little bit more information about some of the most noteworthy elements of the Urevo treadmill.

Design and Display

The big selling point here is the collapsible design, specifically the soft drop system that makes it easy for you to fold up your treadmill and slide it into storage. Transport wheels are also included, making the treadmill very easy to move around.

Meanwhile, when the treadmill is set up for use, you'll find a simple panel of six buttons, including controls to change your speed and to pause or restart your jog. A Mode button toggles the display, letting you keep tabs on distance, time, or calories burned. It's an extremely bare-bones design, but for the price point, it's more than sufficient.


There's no Bluetooth connectivity here and no built-in speakers. This is designed to be a very spartan treadmill, providing you with an easy way to walk or jog during your work day, but those seeking all the bells and whistles will be disappointed.


While the belt is extra-wide, providing some additional maneuverability, the tradeoff is that it's shorter than the industry standard for treadmills. What this means is that for those with longer strides (say, anyone over 6 feet tall), there's a very real chance that you'll fall off the treadmill while it's in use.

The belt itself has decent horsepower, sustaining brisk walks and even light jogs. In fact, the power is roughly on par with the industry standard for treadmills, which means you can get a decent workout despite the unit's smaller size.


The Urevo treadmill is priced at under $400, making it much more cost effective than a standard treadmill. While you're not getting a lot of extra features or amenities, the price is reasonable for an easy-to-store, easy-to-move home workout solution.

Urevo Treadmill Design

The Urevo treadmill takes just minutes to assemble, and at under 60 pounds, it's very easy to collapse down and move into a corner or a closet. The compact design is surely its biggest selling point, making up for the lack of preset modes, the absence of a real LCD display, and the overall minimalist approach.

Urevo Treadmill Features

Simply put: If you're looking for features, the Urevo treadmill isn't for you. This is very bare bones, without Bluetooth, built-in speakers, preset workout modes, or even an incline function. The most notable amenity is a tray to hold your phone or iPad, and even that's so shallow that it's of limited use.

Urevo Treadmill Performance

With a top speed of around 7.5 miles per hour, this treadmill can accommodate casual and brisk walks, jogs, and (depending on your gait) some low-intensity runs. But watch out for the short belt, which makes this a problematic option for taller folks.

Is the Urevo Treadmill Worth It?

If you can do without all the bells and whistles, you're under 6 feet tall, and you need a space-saving cardio option for home or work, the Urevo foldable treadmill may be well worth it. Otherwise, there are probably better options to consider.

Our Verdict

The Urevo treadmill is notable mostly for its space-saving design. We certainly recommend it as a budget treadmill solution, especially if you have a shorter stride. But it's not recommended if you prefer more vigorous runs, you have a longer stride, or you want a cardio experience with additional perks and amenities.

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FAQs About the Urevo Treadmill

Where are Urevo treadmills manufactured?

The Urevo treadmill is made in Shanghai, China.

Does the Urevo treadmill incline?

No, there is no incline feature included with the Urevo treadmill.

Are foldable treadmills good for running?

Foldable treadmills are better suited for walking and jogging, though those with shorter strides may find that this one works well for running.