The Whole Story on Hamstrings

Here are some exercises to help you strengthen those hamstrings:

1.    Hamstring Hold

a.    Lie on the floor with feet on the ball and hands by the sides

b.    Tighten the stomach and raise the hips off of the floor so they are in line with feet and shoulders

c.    Raise one leg straight off of the ball, balancing with the other leg.  Hold two to three seconds and repeat on the other side. Complete three sets of 30 (15 each leg)

2.    Hamstring Curl- Repeat steps a and b from exercise one.

a.    Curl both legs toward the body.  As you get stronger, challenge yourself by doing one leg at time. Complete three sets of 15.

3.    Hamstring Triple Threat- Begin with steps a and b from exercise one.

a.    Curl legs in toward the body
b.    Lift hips up so they are in line with knees and shoulders. Hold for two to three seconds and release hips.
c.    Straighten the legs while keeping the hips off the ground and in line with the feet and shoulders.

d.    Relax the hips and return to starting position. Complete three sets of 15 to 30, depending on  your strength level.

Stana Landon has been a certified athletic trainer for eight years. She is also a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist, recognized by the NSCA. She was employed as the Head Athletic Trainer at Eastern Oregon University and for VibrantCare Rehabilitation prior to her current position as an Assistant Athletic Trainer at University of Puget Sound. Stana received her Bachelor's degree from University of Montana-Western in Environmental Science/Biology and Sports Medicine. She received her Master's degree in Physical Education and Athletic Training from Eastern Oregon University. Stana is currently enrolled in a Doctoral program in Education from Walden University. She enjoys all running, biking, and most outdoor activities.
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