The Best Home Fitness Gifts This Year


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Shopping for home fitness gifts can be overwhelming, especially if you're not a fitness enthusiast. Not only are there a thousand and one ways to work out, there are also considerations like the giftee’s space and home layout and of course, your budget.

Not to worry! The ACTIVE Reviews Team has the best home fitness gift ideas for this holiday season. We’ve researched and tested equipment in dozens of categories, from cardio equipment to strength training and everything in between. Our goal is to take the stress out of buying the ideal holiday gift for all fitness lovers, from the elite level athlete to the fitness beginner.

Best Home Fitness Gifts - Our Favorites

Best Fitness Tracker: Garmin vivosmart 4


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Not only is the Vivosmart 4 stylish and slim, it has everything a fitness junkie wants in an activity tracker. It measures a lot: from your daily activity level, steps, calories burned, blood oxygen saturation, workouts, daily stress levels and sleep. You get many of the features you’d have in something like an Apple Watch but without the price tag.

The Garmin vivosmart 4 sends vibration alerts for notifications such as incoming calls and text messages. The display is small but easy to read, only on when you need it (no more accidentally logging workouts that didn’t happen) and automatically adjusts to ambient light levels. We do wish the vivosmart had native GPS tracking, but alas, you’ll have to sync it with a compatible smartphone to track any outdoor distance-based activities. Still, in our experience the GPS tracking is accurate, and most of us keep our phones on-hand anyway.

  • Metrics: Pulse ox, heart rate, stress, sleep, calories, steps, VO2 max, activity
  • Waterproof rating: Safe to wear in the pool or shower
  • Battery life: Up to seven days

BUY: Garmin vivosmart 4

Best Dumbbells: REP Fitness Rubber Coated Hex Dumbbells


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The REP Rubber Coated HEX Dumbbells tout extreme durability and full-knurling handles. These dumbbells are designed to withstand all kinds of workouts and movements, including dropping them from the overhead position. This is thanks to the fact the dumbbell heads are securely attached to the handle via friction welding. REP did away with the standard hex dumbbell handle and went with a chrome-plated, fully knurled handle to create a more secure and comfortable grip.

Unlike cast iron dumbbells, REP hex dumbbells have a rubber coating to protect home gym floors. It’s not cheap rubber, either: The coating on these dumbbells is made out of premium, ultra-low odor rubber so you no longer have to air out your dumbbells before using them to get rid of the stinky rubber smell that plagues so many home gyms.

The dumbbells range from 2.5 pounds up to 125 pounds They can be bought in pairs or in sets. If you’re buying them as a home fitness gift, be sure to take advantage of the lifetime warranty for home gym use only.

  • Dumbbell Head: Rubber coated hex
  • Sold As: Pairs or sets
  • Warranty: Lifetime warranty for home use

BUY: REP Fitness Rubber Coated Hex Dumbbells

Best Kettlebells: Rogue Fitness E-Coat Kettlebells


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Rogue Fitness is one of the most recognizable companies in the fitness industry, and for good reason: It makes some of the best gym equipment there is, so it comes as no surprise that it also makes the best kettlebells. The Rogue E-Coat Kettlebells range in size from 9 pounds up to 88 pounds, so they're the perfect gift for a beginner or avid strength trainer.

Unlike the standard gray iron kettlebells, the Rogue E-Coat Kettlebells are made of the same ductile iron used to make automotive components, wheels, gear boxes and machine frames. The result is a long-lasting, corrosion-resistant kettlebell. The E-coat provides additional protection and a smooth texture. E-coat can be a little slippery when things start to get sweaty, so if you’re buying these as a home fitness gift, maybe include some gym chalk as well.

  • Construction: Ductile iron
  • Coating: E-coat
  • Weight Options: Range in size from 9 to 88 lbs

BUY: Rogue Fitness E-Coat Kettlebells

Best Indoor Stationary Bike: Sunny Health & Fitness Synergy Magnetic


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This Sunny Health exercise bike is a low-impact, magnetic belt-driven stationary bike. It has everything endurance enthusiasts need for a solid home workout, and for the price it’s a steal. For less than $350, the bike includes micro-adjustable resistance and a smooth, quiet flywheel—plus a ton of conveniences to make the ride as comfortable as possible.

While the Sunny bike doesn’t have an integrated console for streaming workouts, the performance monitor is great for those who want to track their time, speed, distance, calories, odometer, pulse and repetitions per minute. Since it’s a low-impact exercise bike, it’s a great choice for beginners looking to kickstart their fitness.

  • Flywheel: Magnetic
  • Metrics: Time, speed, distance, calorie, odometer, RPM and pulse
  • Conveniences: Adjustable seat, bottle holder, device holder, transport wheels

BUY: Sunny Health & Fitness Indoor Cycling Bike SFB1877

Best All-Encompassing Fitness, Nutrition, Weight Loss Coaching Program: MetPro


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MetPro uses science and research on metabolic behavior to provide fitness plans and nutritional guidance for users. This is the perfect gift for anyone looking to up their fitness and health, as it offers fitness coaching, lifestyle coaching, and nutritional guidance.

Plus, it is data-driven, allowing it to cater specifically to the user. MetPro is the perfect personalized gift for any athlete or active person.

  • Workouts: Hundreds of effective workouts tailored to your training goals
  • Nutrition: Meal planning and calorie tracking to match your fitness goals
  • Coaching: Credentialed personal trainers and RDs to answer your questions

BUY: MetPro

Best Resistance Bands - Rogue Tube Bands


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The Rogue Tube Bands provide any fitness fanatic portability and versatility in high-quality gym equipment to get an incredible full-body workout, anytime or anywhere. They come in six different color-coded resistance levels that can be ordered in pairs or in specific multi-band packages. The Rogue Tube Bands are made from latex-based elastic with textured handles at both ends to promote good grip. Each band comes with a base length of 48 inches that increases in resistance as it is stretched.

With the Rogue Tube Bands, it's easy to customize workouts to strengthen any body part or to get your heart rate up with some interval or circuit work. With some creativity and an easy Google search, you can find countless exercises that fit individual training goals. Want to pump the arms? Use them for chest or overhead presses. Legs? Get your squat on or glute burn with some simple side-to-side banded walks. Resistance bands are easily the most underused piece of equipment that can burn fat and build muscle. So go and get someone the Rogue Tube Bands so they can get their sweat on wherever they want.

  • Construction: 48" durable latex-based elastic band, textured grip handles
  • Versatility: Useful for a range of exercises
  • Resistance: Ranges from 10 lbs for easiest band to over 60 lbs for the most difficult

BUY: Rogue Tube Bands

Best Pull-Up Bar: Titan Fitness Adjustable Depth Wall Mounted Pull-Up Bar


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There are hundreds of wall-mounted pull-up bars available, but many don’t offer the versatility of the Titan Fitness Adjustable Depth Wall-Mounted Pull-Up Bar. Our reviews team loves this pull-up bar because it offers two depth options for mounting—at 14 inches or 22 inches away from a wood or concrete wall. This means it’s an especially great gift for CrossFit lovers who want to do kipping or butterfly pull-ups.

Made of 11-gauge steel, this pull-up bar isn’t the sturdiest we’ve encountered, but it is plenty strong enough for the average exerciser. It also has a surprisingly high weight capacity of 400 pounds for a pull-up bar that only weighs 23 pounds. Mounting hardware is included, so as long as your fit friend can find the studs in their wall, they should be cranking out pull-ups in no time.

  • Mount Type: Wall mount
  • Weight Capacity: 400 pounds
  • Construction: Powder-coated 11-gauge steel

BUY: Titan Fitness Adjustable Depth Wall Mounted Pull-Up Bar

Best Home Workout Mirror: NordicTrack Vault


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The NordicTrack Vault takes home fitness to a whole new level with a 32-inch touchscreen display and 360-degree rotational 6-foot mirror. The Vault is a freestanding, all-in-one home gym that connects to iFIT, a fitness app for interactive programming. The iFIT app has workouts in dozens of categories, from strength training to yoga to high-intensity interval training (HIIT) and more. Keep in mind that iFIT does require a subscription, so we would recommend clearing this gift with your giftee to make sure they’re willing to pay the monthly membership fee.

Despite not having a trainer there with you to give real-time cues, the reflective mirror allows you to watch your form and self-correct if needed. The Vault comes as a standalone option (just the cabinet and the mirror) or as a “complete” option, which includes an exercise mat, yoga blocks, resistance bands, dumbbells and kettlebells.

  • Footprint: 72.65” H x 24.25” W x 14” D
  • Workout programming: iFIT
  • Financing available: Yes, TD Fit Loan

BUY: NordicTrack Vault

Best Yoga Mat: Gaiam Yoga Mat


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The Gaiam Yoga Mat is a lightweight yet durable yoga mat. The 10-millimeter thickness provides extra cushioning for the joints, making it more comfortable for yoga, stretching, Pilates or other exercise routines. At 72 inches long and 24 inches wide, it’s the standard size for yoga mats, and it’s easy to roll up and carry. It even includes a carrying strap with hook-and-loop fasteners for easy transport.

While this mat won’t prove as durable as one made of high-quality rubber, we love that the Gaiam mat is constructed of rubber-less PVC foam, so it won’t irritate anyone who has rubber or latex allergies. Plus, the foam construction makes this yoga mat extremely lightweight despite the thickness. It’s the best of both worlds for any yogis who want a comfy mat for their home gym space but might also take their wellness routine to the studio every so often.

  • Thickness: 10 millimeters
  • Material: PVC foam
  • Color options: 9 colors

BUY: Gaiam Yoga Mat

Best Sandbags: GORUCK Sandbags


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When shopping for sandbags, the most important factor is durability. Remember, this is something designed to be thrown around and smashed on the ground. That’s why we recommend GORUCK sandbags over all others. Constructed of military-grade Cordura fabric and YKK zippers, reinforced with double-pass stitching at every seam and designed with 28 bartacks with 42 stitches per bartack, whoever receives this sandbag as a gift will have a hard time destroying it.

GORUCK prioritized more than just durability, though. These sandbags also have elements of comfort you won’t find in other sandbags, such as the non-rubberized, padded handles. If you plan on gifting someone a GORUCK Sandbag, perhaps also consider getting them a gift card to their local home improvement store—while these do come with filler bags, they have to be filled with sand, dirt or pea gravel upon receipt.

  • Construction: Cordura fabric, reinforced handles, YKK zippers
  • Weight options: 20 to 120 pounds
  • Warranty: Lifetime guarantee

BUY: GORUCK Sandbags

Best Suspension Trainer: TRX Home2 System


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If you know a special person on your list that loves full-body workouts, consider gifting them the TRX Home2 System. This popular piece of workout gear allows for virtually unlimited upper- and lower-body exercises, and all it requires is a sturdy place to anchor it.

It comes with a door and suspension anchor, so it can easily be set up in a home gym or on the go. It also includes a mesh carrying bag to make traveling with it even easier. (It even packs up small enough to be a stocking stuffer!)

With a TRX, your favorite fitness enthusiast will be able to do compound (multi-joint) exercises such as rows, as well as unilateral (single-side) exercises, like assisted single-leg squats, right in their living room. Everyone from beginners to advanced exercisers can benefit from the versatility a TRX Trainer offers.

  • Included items: Two straps, two anchors, foot cradles, carrying bag
  • Anchoring system: Door anchor
  • Warranty: 6 years

BUY: TRX Home2 System

Best Shaker Bottle - Ice Shaker


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Know someone who loves a smoothie or protein shake? Maybe after a sweat-dripping workout when their body needs to replenish its muscles? We bring you the Ice Shaker. It offers the convenience of your traditional bottle shaker but with improved mixing capabilities (a.k.a. no more gunk on the bottom of the bottle), vacuum insulation, spill-proof technology and non-odor absorbing kitchen grade stainless steel!

Depending on the size, the Ice Shaker can hold ice in a 75-degree room for up to 40 hours (based on third-party testing), and it keeps drinks hot (over 100 degrees F) for up to 12 hours. The Ice Shaker has a removable agitator that powers through thick consistencies and can be used as a powder mixer, fruit infuser or ice strainer. The Ice Shaker is great for everything from milkshakes and margaritas to iced coffee and water, which is great for anyone looking to keep their drink fresh while on the go.

  • Great durability
  • Mimics a deep tissue massage for improved recovery and mobility

BUY: 36 oz Ice Shaker

Best Weighted Jump Rope: Crossrope Get Lean Weighted Jump Rope Set


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A jump rope is a great gift for fitness beginners, as well as anyone starting to get into endurance training, CrossFit or HIIT workouts. The CrossRope Get Lean Weighted Jump Rope Set includes two weighted jump ropes—a quarter-pound jump rope and a half-pound jump rope.

The fast clip connection makes it easy to change rope weights quickly depending on your focus. The lighter rope is great for endurance workouts while the heavier rope is good for a high-intensity challenge. The slim handles create a relaxed, easy grip, and while the handles are backed by a lifetime guarantee, the ropes themselves are not—but that’s pretty typical for jump ropes, which can suffer wear and tear over time.

  • Weight Options: 0.25 pounds and 0.5 pounds
  • Warranty: Lifetime for handles
  • Return Policy: 60 days

BUY: CrossRope Get Lean Weighted Jump Rope

Best Workout Shoe: Reebok Nano X1


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Your workout shoes can make or break your workout. The ACTIVE Reviews Team’s top pick for training shoes are the popular Reebok Nano X1 cross-training shoes. Designed specifically for CrossFit but also excellent for cross-training, these workout shoes can do it all. They’re durable enough to withstand jumping and climbing, stable enough to support heavy lifting, and cushioned enough for running and walking.

The Reebok Nano X1 has a soft and durable upper with flexweave knit that’s both breathable and durable. Floatride Energy Foam cushioning in the forefoot provides lightweight, responsive cushioning, and the heel clip adds stability for quick movements in all directions. The Nano X1s in men’s and women’s colorways and sizing. Because these shoes are so versatile, we think they’re one of the best fitness gifts for those hard-to-shop-for friends.

  • Upper: Flexweave knit
  • Outsole: Textured rubber
  • Style: 15 colors to choose from

BUY: Reebok NanoX1

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