Schwinn IC3 Bike Review: A Peloton Alternative?

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schwinn IC3 bike

While there are plenty of great cardio machines to choose from, indoor spin bikes are becoming increasingly popular, namely for their convenience and ability to provide an intense at-home workout. But with so many bike options on the market, how can you discern which is right for you?

If a Peloton is out of your budget, or you're intimidated by some of the more feature-heavy bikes, the Schwinn IC3 may be worth considering. It's a more affordable alternative, but still offers an array of basic features to keep you engaged, motivated, and coming back for more.

To help you decide if this bike is the right fit for you, the ACTIVE Reviews Team broke down everything you need to know in this Schwinn IC3 review. We call out some of our favorite key features and list out its pros and cons so you can determine if this bike is worth your investment or not.

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A Quick Look at Schwinn IC3 Indoor Cycling Bike

The Schwinn name may already be familiar to you. With a legacy dating back 125 years, Schwinn is an iconic name in the cycling world. The company's German founder, Ignaz Schwinn, eventually came to the United States to pursue his dream of opening a world-class cycling line. Today, most recognize the Schwinn company as a powerhouse brand in the cycling world.

The Schwinn IC3 offers low-impact cardio workouts from the comfort of your own home. It's an indoor cycling bike that's built with an LCD monitor, a robust 40-pound flywheel, and varying levels of resistance. It also offers incredible value: Priced at just $649, the Schwinn is nearly $1,000 less expensive than the Peloton but offers many of the same features. Easy to assemble, the Schwinn is also a practical at-home option. If you'd prefer to have the bike set up for you, opt for the additional $129 service at checkout.

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Schwinn IC3 Indoor Cycling Bike Breakdown

schwinn IC3 bike

Schwinn IC3 Specifications

  • Footprint: 49"H x 45"L x 23"D
  • Power requirements: 2 AA batteries
  • Seat style: Race
  • Handlebar style: Padded
  • Pedal style: SPD
  • Resistance: 40 lb. flywheel
  • Monitor: LCD
  • Bluetooth capability: N/A
  • Weight: 100 lbs.
  • Weight capacity: 300 lbs.
  • Warranty: 5-year frame, 2-year mechanical and electrical, 1-year labor



With dimensions of 49 by 45 by 23, this is very much a full-sized exercise bike, meaning it's large enough to accommodate most users. However, it's also compact enough that it should fit in most home gym spaces.

Power Requirements

In order to power your LCD monitor and other electronic features, simply pop in a pair of AA batteries into the unit.

Seat Style

The race-style saddle is made for comfort, right down to the ventilated material that will keep your seat from absorbing too much heat.

schwinn IC3 bike

Handlebar Style

The handlebars offer ample padding and allow for multiple grip options, making it easy to settle in and get comfortable during even the longest of cardio sessions.

Pedal Style

The Schwinn IC3 uses the SPD pedal style, which means that the pedals can attach to the soles of clipless cycling shoes. This design also offers more efficient movement by promoting a smoother, quicker foot-to-pedal connection. SPD pedals are also safer due to the nearly instant foot entry and release. The Schwinn IC3 takes its pedal game a step further by offering a dual mechanism, allowing you to use either the SPD pedal style or standard toe cages based on your comfort preference.


With an infinite number of resistance options, the Schwinn IC3 allows you to customize your workout intensity by turning the dial-up or down. Plus, a 40-pound flywheel makes it easy to choose your desired resistance level, while also offering a wonderfully smooth and silent ride.


An easy-to-read LCD monitor enables you to follow along with key fitness statistics, including your heart rate, distance traveled, calories burned, RPMs, and more. Also, note that the Schwinn comes with a wireless heart rate tracker.


The Schwinn IC3 weighs in at a hearty, stable 100 pounds. However, you might still want to recruit some help when assembling the bike unless you're comfortable moving 100 pounds up and down the stairs.

Weight Capacity

This indoor cycling bike can accommodate riders up to 300 pounds total. For comparison, most indoor cycling bikes have a weight capacity ranging from 250 to 400 pounds.


In terms of consumer protections, the Schwinn IC3 offers a five-year guarantee on the bike frame and a couple of years for the electrical work. If you choose to pay extra for in-home assembly, the labor will be warrantied for a full year. Note that you can also opt to assemble the bike yourself, which is not too hard to do, but this will obviously nullify any labor warranty.


The Schwinn IC3 indoor cycling bike is equipped with a water bottle holder and a device holder. Attach your smartphone to stream shows or workouts while you ride. Keep in mind that this indoor cycling bike does not integrate with specific apps like the Peloton does, so if you want to follow a workout, you’ll have a free range of choices.

schwinn IC3 bike

Schwinn IC3 Pros

  • Smooth, silent ride thanks to the flywheel
  • Generously sized LCD monitor makes it easy to read
  • Plenty of adjustability for the seat and handlebars, ensuring comfort and optimal performance
  • Convenient, oversized holders for your water bottle and phone/device
  • The ventilated seat helps keep you cooler
  • Infinitely variable resistance, easy to adjust with a single dial

Schwinn IC3 Cons

  • Not all cyclists like the SPD pedal style
  • No strap included for the heart rate tracker
  • Frustrating when your monitor runs out of battery life mid-workout

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Final Thoughts on Schwinn IC3 Indoor Cycling Bike

If you seek a compact, feature-rich indoor cycling bike, the Schwinn IC3 might be right for you. The infinitely adjustable resistance and smooth, silent ride are some of our favorite features, followed by its multi-adjustable seat and handlebars. Its affordable price point can't be beaten, and the convenience of cycling at home makes this one of our top home equipment picks for cardio enthusiasts.

Schwinn IC3 Indoor Cycling Bike FAQs

Is Schwinn IC3 worth it?

The Schwinn IC3 is worth it if you plan on using it frequently—this goes for any piece of cardio equipment, but it's not worth investing in if you only use it sparingly. If you make the bike part of your daily or weekly workout routine, then the investment will pay off over time.

For the Schwinn IC3 specifically, be sure to consider that the average price for comparable indoor cycling bikes on the market is either slightly under or over $1,000, which makes the Schwinn IC3 a great deal (a Peloton costs nearly $1,500 for reference). Not only is it durable, high-quality, and well-warrantied, this indoor cycling bike comes with loads of features that will make you look forward to your workouts. For anyone serious about cycling in their home gym, this bike should prove more than worth it.

Is Schwinn IC3 quiet?

One of the great benefits of the Schwinn IC3 is that its flywheel is extremely smooth and silent, allowing you to enjoy workouts without disrupting your family members or neighbors.

Is Schwinn a good stationary bike?

The Schwinn IC3 is an excellent stationary bike, thanks to its high-quality construction, countless options for adjustability, infinite resistance options, generous LCD screen, comfortable race-style seat, and more.