Playground Fitness: 6 Cross-Training Games

Children exercise all the time without knowing it. Children at play don't know about sets, reps, lactic acid thresholds or target heart-rate zones. They know they have 20 minutes before the recess bell rings and they need to get as much playing done as possible before the teacher makes them go inside.

Children never seem to get tired from recess. But adults seem to burn out quickly from their regular exercise program. Before you know it, you've lost interest in the sport. Why not switch up your routine so you avoid this scenario. Just like children, why not play around.

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There are tons of recess-like games that get your heart rate up, boost your endurance, and use all sorts of muscle groups.

No one said working out had to be boring. It's okay to have a little fun.

Try these six recess games:


Tag is the easiest children's game for adults to adapt to. You need a group of friends and a field. That's all. Tag takes less gear than soccer. The rules are as simple. Someone is "it". It's not a desirable thing to be. Tag someone else, and make him or her be "it". The run away so you don't get tagged.

Try these other tag variations:

  • Freeze Tag: defeats the purpose of constant movement, but it does allow for a nice rest.
  • Partner Tag: where everyone must hold hands with one other person. This adds difficulty and requires you to work as a team.
  • Line Tag: is played on a basketball court. All players must stay on the lines that are painted on the ground. It turns into a live action Pac Man game.
  • Kamakazi Tag: this is a personal favorite because everyone is "it". In short, everyone runs around trying to tag each other. At the same time everyone dodges each other to avoid being tagged.

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