MYX Fitness Bike II Review: A Whole-Body Workout Experience


As you build your home fitness room, having a good stationary bike is pretty much non-negotiable. After all, a good fitness bike can provide a full-body cardio experience, allowing you to work out at your own pace or engage with live and pre-recorded sessions from qualified trainers. The hard thing is deciding which stationary bike is right for you. There are countless great stationary bikes to choose from, including well-regarded options from companies like Peloton and Schwinn.

Add MYX to that list, and the MYX Fitness Bike II in particular. This indoor bike makes a compact addition to any home fitness room, while also providing comprehensive, whole-body workout options. The ACTIVE Reviews Team took a closer look at this bike, and here's what we learned about it.

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A Quick Look at the MYX Fitness Bike

In many respects, MYX can be seen as a direct competitor to Peloton. Like Peloton, MYX provides hardware (e.g., stationary bikes) that are very high quality. And yet, both companies are really trying to get you hooked on their subscription service, where you can enjoy home workouts led by skilled trainers. The MYX subscription service isn't as famous as Peloton's, but it offers plenty of great home fitness opportunities for a much lower cost than what you'd pay for any gym subscription. And the bike itself is worth considering even if you're on the fence about the subscription.

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MYX Fitness Bike

MYX Fitness Bike


  • Monitoring/stats: Heart rate, speed, cadence, distance, and more
  • Display: 21.5" touchscreen
  • Programs and live classes: Available with MYX subscription
  • Connectivity: Apple Watch
  • Warranty: 1 year

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Monitoring and Display

Thanks to the sleek, intuitive touchscreen display, you'll have access to plenty of real-time data during each workout, including speed, cadence, distance, and more. There's also a Polar OH1 Heart Rate Monitor, providing advanced biometric data. At the same time, the swivel display makes it easy to tune in to your favorite live workouts, and because you can move it and configure it to your liking, you can engage in a range of on- and off-bike training sessions.

Programs and Live Classes

If you spring for the MYX subscription (which comes separately), you'll get thousands of workout sessions from dozens of great trainers, with more classes being added on a weekly basis. You can also set up profiles for up to five people, meaning your entire family can follow their preferred trainers and keep a log of personal fitness stats. Note that MYX really does a great job providing a full spectrum of workout types, including on- and off-bike options.


With the MYX Fitness Bike II, you can quickly and easily sync up your Apple Watch.


As far as consumer protections go, MYX offers a year-long manufacturer's warranty. There's also a 30-day risk-free trial period, during which you are welcome to return the bike if you decide that it doesn't fit your needs.


  • Great heart rate monitoring and fitness tracking tools
  • Intuitive touchscreen display
  • Can be paired with Apple Watch
  • With the subscription, you get tons of workout options
  • Can set up 5 total fitness profiles
  • Plenty of ways to adjust the bike for comfort and performance


  • Less valuable for those who don't want the subscription
  • Only comes in a couple of very basic colors
  • Warranty is so-so
  • Connectivity options are limited

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Final Thoughts on the MYX Fitness Bike

Ultimately, the MYX Fitness Bike checks many of the same boxes as the Peloton. It's not necessarily the superior product, but it does hold its own, and as you consider getting a stationary bike with a fitness subscription, this one should absolutely be on your radar.

FAQs About the MYX Fitness Bike

What is the difference between Peloton and MYX?

While the two bikes are similar, MYX is a little more focused on heart rate-based training and personalization, while Peloton really emphasizes in-class competition.

Can I use my MYX Fitness Bike without a membership?

Yes, though you will need to adjust your resistance levels manually.

Does the MYX Fitness bike have live classes?

Yes, and there are new classes added to the schedule every week.

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