How to Switch Up Your Treadmill Workout

The treadmill is one of the most popular pieces of cardio equipment in any gym, and it's also the most popular pieces of at-home exercise machines. The problem with the treadmill is that the belt only goes in one direction. When you want to train in other planes of motion, something needs to change. That something is you because, of course, you can't manipulate the machine. Alter the direction in which you move on the treadmill for an extra challenge.

The treadmill workout below will not only provide an excellent cardiovascular stimulus, but it will also allow you to work the muscles that forward-moving activities, such as running, walking and biking, do not.

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Treadmill Workout in 4 Planes of Motion

Complete five rounds of the following:

treadmill workout, fitness

1. Walk then jog: Walk at a fast pace for 2 minutes, then progress into a light jog for 3 minutes.

treadmill workout, fitness

2. Lateral skip: Slow down the speed of the treadmill, increase the incline to a 5-percent grade or higher, and skip sideways while holding a slight squat at about a 45-degree angle. Hold on to the sidebars. Complete 100 repetitions per side: right leg towards the top, left leg towards the bottom and vice versa for other side. Be very cautious with this, especially when you need to switch to the other side.

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