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Unlike sports such as basketball, soccer, and football where coaches can communicate verbally and with signals, the nature of swimming makes it difficult to receive active coaching. FORM Smart Swim Goggles aims to change that by creating guided, immersive swimming workouts that include feedback for swimmers at any skill level.

And, now with ACTIVE’s exclusive discount code, you can experience the customized training, as well as the quality coaching and real-time metrics that come with FORM Smart Swim memberships at a lower price.

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ACTIVE is thrilled to offer our readers the code, ACTIVE15, which can be used to receive $15 off on any purchase from FORM.

How to Apply the ACTIVE15 Discount Code

  • Head to FORM Swim
  • Read more about their goggles and memberships
  • Add the membership (goggles are included in all memberships) that works for you to your cart.
  • Click “Check Out”
  • Enter ACTIVE15 in the “gift card or discount code” box
  • Hit “Apply”

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Why Purchase a FORM Smart Swim Membership

FORM is changing the swimming game by offering a variety of workouts, coaching tips, and metrics through their membership app. Furthermore, their smart goggles are made with the kind of quality materials swimmers crave, and they offer real-time coaching and feedback during swims. FORM allows swimmers of all skill sets to level up by following a plan that works for them.


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