Favorite Workouts from Top Fitness Trainers

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Do you find yourself doing the same workout day in and day out? If you're following your routine, but just not feeling the good vibes that typically come with exercise, it might be time to change things up. 

Not sure where to start? From cardio and strength training to yoga and stretching, there's a workout here for everyone. Plus, a bonus yoga routine you can do even while you're on an airplane.

Juliet Kaska's Favorite Circuit Workouts

Celebrity fitness trainer Juliet Kaska, creator of the "Move for You" work out, shares three circuits that you can do individually or combine for a total body workout. 

Circuit No. 1: Pilates Moves
Do each move with no rest between. Complete the circuit one time.

Single Leg Stretch
Curl up, bringing your head, neck and shoulder blades off the mat. Your right leg is pulled in toward your chest with your hands placed on either side of your knee, elbows bent and lifted out to the side. Left leg is reaching straight, hovering a few inches off the ground. Keep your lower back imprinted into the mat and your shoulders off the mat as you alternate your legs. Repeat 10 times each side. 

Double Leg Stretch
Staying lifted, pull knees into chest, hands reaching to ankles, making your body like a tight ball. Inhale as you extend legs straight out hovering above the ground and arms straight overhead. Don't allow your shoulder blades to touch the ground as your arms reach overhead. Circle your arms around as your curl up another inch and pull your legs back in. Repeat six times. 

Single Straight Leg Stretch
Stay lifted as you extend one leg straight up toward the ceiling and the other out straight out hovering above the mat. Reach your hands up to your ankle keeping your leg straight (if your hamstrings are tight, keep your leg straight but place your hands behind your thigh just below the knee). Pulse top leg toward you twice from the abs, switch legs like a scissor switch. Repeat 10 times each side. 

Double Straight Leg-Lower Lifts
Stay curled up with both legs extended straight up toward the ceiling. Turn your legs out and squeeze your heels and inner thighs together. Place your hands stacked behind your head (shoulder blades are still lifted off the mat). Keep lower back imprinted into the mat as you lower your legs toward the mat on an inhale and on an exhale draw abdominal wall in deeper as your pull legs back up to the start position. Repeat six times. 

Stay curled up with hands stacked behind head, bend the right knee in toward your chest as your lower left leg to hover above the mat. Twist your torso toward the right knee, keeping elbows wide framing the head, not crossing the face. Switch legs and rotation. Repeat 10 times each side. 
Circuit No. 2: Strength Training 
Do each exercise. Rest 30 seconds between each move. Do the entire circuit three times.

Seated Row
Sit on bench with legs extended straight and feet on plate. Use a close grip bar or rope in both hands. Hinge back slightly, and draw shoulders back then pull on weight bringing elbows along body till your shoulder blades are drawn in and arms are pulled as far back as they can go. Keep abs tight as you bring arms back to start position. Repeat 15 times. 

Step Ups with Row
Change out the close grip bar for a single handle/loop. Stand to the side of the bench (make sure bench is secure, won't slide and can hold your bodyweight) facing the weight stack. Place your right foot on the bench and handle in your left hand. Step your left leg back into a small lunge. Stand straight up on the bench bringing your left foot off the ground and pulling your left arm back in a wide row (elbow lifted out to the side). Repeat 10 times then reverse it the other side for 10 reps. 

Place both hands on bench and legs back behind you in plank position. Lower down to bench and push back up. Repeat 20 times. 

Step Downs with Isometric Bicep Curl
Start standing on bench with right leg straight and left leg off the ground. Bend your left arm to a 90-degree bicep curl with full tension, maintain this position as you bend the right leg lowering the left leg toward the ground. The left foot is flexed. Stop right before your left foot touches the ground. Power up through right leg returning to start position.  Repeat 10 times then reverse it the other side for 10 times. 
Circuit No. 3: Treadmill Intervals
Complete one-minute sprint followed by recovery walk paired with a strength training move. Start with five-pound dumbbells. 

  1. One-minute sprint followed by recovery walk with overhead shoulder presses. Elbows bent to 90 degrees out to side at shoulder height. Press weights up and overhead. Repeat 15 times. 
  2. One-minute spring followed by recovery walk with 90-degree lateral raises. Bend elbows to 90 degrees at your side. Keep the 90-degree angle as you lift arms up to the side. Repeat 15 times. 
  3. One-minute minute spring followed by recovery walk with bicep curls. Palms face inward. Keep elbows tight to waist as you bend and straighten arms. Repeat 15 times. 
  4. One-minute sprint followed by recovery walk with triceps dip (off treadmill). After you have fully turned treadmill off, and belt has stopped moving, sit on back of treadmill with hands placed next to your hips. Legs extended straight out in front of you. Lift hips off and slightly forward of treadmill. Bend elbows till your buttocks come just above the ground, then press up. Repeat 20 times. 

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