Energizing Yoga Flow: Wake Up With Sun Salutations

The aroma of coffee brewing in the morning is sometimes just enough to get you out of bed. However, a healthier, longer-lasting solution to help you feel more awake and energized for the day does exist: yoga.

Surya Namaskara, or sun salutations, is a traditional way to begin a yoga practice to build internal heat and warm up the body. Practicing Surya Namaskara during sunrise on an empty stomach is ideal. As you rise to greet the morning sun and start the day with gratitude, you connect with nature and are rejuvenated by the sun's energy. Hence the name sun salutations.

Sun salutations can be practiced at any time of the day, with sunset being the second ideal time after sunrise. You can move at a slow, medium or fast pace. In the morning, it's typical to be stiff so a slower pace is recommended.

The more consistently you practice, the better. A regular practice is required to build strength, flexibility and cardio health. The faster you move, the more you increase your heart rate and blood flow, burning fat. The slower you move, the deeper you stretch to increase flexibility and tone the body. No matter what pace you choose, you will feel more energized with an increased sense of peace, mental clarity and connectedness.

Move through the following sun salutation and then repeat the flow 3 to 4 times.

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