Day-by-Day Workout Plan to Help You Slim Down

Day 2

Lower-Body Circuit
For both moves: Do 8 slow reps (2 counts down, 2 up) per leg, alternating sides. Next, hold and pulse (up and down 2 to 3 inches) 3 times. Do 4 sets per leg. Then do 8 fast reps per leg, alternating.

1 Side-Step Squat

Hold dumbbells in front of chest. Step right foot to side, wider than shoulder width. Bend hips and knees; sit back, knees behind toes. Stand, bringing feet together. Repeat stepping with left foot.

2 Curtsy Lunge

Hold a dumbbell in each hand at sides. Cross right leg 2 to 3 feet behind left leg. Bend knees and lower until left thigh is almost parallel to ground. Keep front knee behind toes. Return to start and repeat with left leg.

3 Power Drill (30 seconds)
Split Jump: Hop, scissoring legs forward and back. Arms swing in opposition.

Day 3

Core Circuit
For all moves: Do 8 slow reps, then 16 fast ones.

1. Knee Lift With Twist

Stand with feet apart, hands over right shoulder. Raise left knee and pull arms down across body. Repeat all reps with opposite leg.

2. Legs-Up Crunch

Lie on back with legs straight up in air, arms extended over chest. Curl head, shoulders, and upper back off ground, reaching fingers toward toes.

3. Side-Plank Hip Lift

Lie on right side, left foot crossed over right, right elbow under shoulder, and left hand on hip. Press into right forearm and raise right hip and thigh off ground. Lower hip without touching mat, then lift again. After the fast and slow reps, hold in up position for 8 counts. (Do opposite side next round.)

4. Power Drill

Knee Lift With Hop: Alternate lifting knees as you hop about an inch off ground. Reach opposite arm overhead as if climbing a rope.
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