Blast Fat With This 4 Week Workout Plan

Your Weekly Plan

Each week, you'll do two strength workouts and two unique interval workouts. The first interval routine is a Tabata (named for the researcher who created the technique), which means supershort intervals of cardio and strength moves to melt fat and firm trouble zones. The second interval features sprints.

All the workouts are quick and maximize calorie burn—for up to 14 hours afterward—so you'll see fast results.

Weeks 1 + 3
Day 1 Superset Slimdown A
Day 2 Rest
Day 3 Tabata Toners
Day 4 Rest
Day 5 Sprints
Day 6 Superset Slimdown A
Day 7 Rest

WEEKS 2 + 4
Day 1 Superset Slimdown B
Day 2 Rest
Day 3 Tabata Toners
Day 4 Rest
Day 5 Sprints
Day 6 Superset Slimdown B
Day 7 Rest

It's the season for graduations, weddings, and beach vacations—all to be captured forever in photos. So if you want the record to show you looking your absolute best, read on. We enlisted the help of two weight loss experts—the husband-and-wife team of Chris Mohr, PhD, RD, and Kara Mohr, PhD—to create a speedy fat loss plan exclusively for Prevention.

When we had a group of women just like you try out the exercise and diet plan, they lost on average more than two and half pounds and two inches, with one of them shed a whopping seven pounds in seven days. The results multiplied, and after a month on the program, the women lost up to 14 1/2 pounds and three inches off their waists and thighs, two inches off their chests and hips, and an inch off their arms. That's two sizes in a month.

Want to slim down in preparation for an event? Fast-track your weight loss.

Superset Slimdown A

Two Days A Week, 30 Minutes

How to do it: Do the recommended number of reps of the first exercise of the superset, then do the second exercise without taking a break in between. Constantly moving from one exercise to another really cranks up your calorie burn. After the 2 supersets, finish with a Metabolism Boost.

What you need: five-to 10-pound dumbbells (choose a weight that by the final reps will be very challenging to lift); a sturdy step or bench about 12 inches high; sliding discs like Valslides to work more muscles ($30 a pair, plus $5 for booties if you plan to use them on uncarpeted floors;

Superset 1: Repeat for three sets total

1. Bent-Leg Deadlift, 8 reps

Stand with dumbbells on thighs, palms in. Sit back as if doing a squat. Let dumbbells "ride" down front of legs (making contact) as low as possible without rounding back. Keep back flat, knees behind toes. Pause. Push through heels to stand up, keeping dumbbells against body.

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