The Best Belt Squat Machines of 2023: Is This Equipment Worth the Hype?

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The Best Belt Squat Machines - Our Top Picks

When it comes to strength equipment, belt squat racks are having a bit of a star turn. These hefty racks allow you to do heavy squats without loading a heavy barbell on your back. This takes a great deal of the stress and pressure off your back and spine and disperses it across your hips and legs. The design of belt squat racks also makes it safer when dealing with heavy loads, as you don't have to be as concerned about having spotters or bailing properly if the load is too much for you to stand it up. However, don't think that belt squat machines are one trick ponies. Many of them allow you to do high pulls, rows, triceps extensions, Romanian deadlifts, and more.

If a belt squat rack is going to join your home gym, you will want to know all the details about them before inviting it in. After all, these are fairly large pieces of equipment, and they are an investment. We've rounded up three of the best on the market. Before you add one to your cart, check out our breakdown of the best belt squat machines.

Best Overall Belt Squat Machine - Bells of Steel Belt Squat Machine

Bells of Steel Belt Squat Machine


  • Dimensions: 51" L x 52" W x 40" H (Base - 35.5" W)
  • Weight: 264 lbs.
  • Weight capacity: 700 lbs.
  • Features: Made from heavy-duty 11-gauge steel and has a 700-lb. weight capacity; high-quality belt included


Bells of Steel busted into the trending belt squat machine field with a beefy piece of equipment that can handle a rock-solid 700 pounds of plates. This is our pick for best overall belt squat machine thanks to Bells of Steel's dedication to bringing a high-quality piece of equipment at a price that won't drain the bank account.

By using heavy-duty 11-gauge steel and black powder paint, the Bells of Steel Belt Squat Machine is incredibly durable. You won't have to worry about buying your own belt and accessories when you make this machine your choice because it comes with a sturdy belt, as well as two feet of chain and two carabiners.

Additionally, you can achieve a wider range of motion with this belt squat rack than some of its competitors thanks to the cut-out on the footplate that allows the lever arm to move out wider. An added safety feature is the fixed handlebar that helps keep you balanced and steady when you're squatting. This free-standing machine weighs in at over 260 pounds and has a fairly large footprint. Therefore, you will want to make sure that you have a space that will support this, but as long as you do, this is an exceptional machine to add to your strength equipment line up.

What We Like

  • Solidly built with high-quality 11-gauge steel
  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Great investment
  • Heavy-duty belt and other accessories include
  • Lifetime warranty

What We Don't Like

  • Footplate is thin
  • May not be ideal for taller users

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Best Budget Belt Squat Machine - Titan Fitness Belt Squat Machine

Titan Fitness Belt Squat Machine


  • Dimensions: 83" W x 52" D x 38.5" H (Base - 49" x 24")
  • Weight: 232 lbs.
  • Weight capacity: 1,000 lbs.
  • Features: 3-position stopper for different squat depths; plate storage provided by additional pegs


With an impressive weight capacity of half a ton and a host of other high-end features, you may think that a lofty price tag would be attached to the Titan Fitness Belt Squat Machine. But, thanks to Titan's commitment to bringing top of the line equipment to the market at incredibly affordable price points, this is our pick for best budget squat machine. Therefore, if you have shied away from adding a belt squat machine to your lineup because of the cost, you will definitely want to learn more about Titan's offering.

By making an investment in this affordable, well-constructed machine, you can safely train your legs and glutes by doing heavy squats without adding stress to your shoulders and spine. This machine implements a three-position stopper that allows you to train different squat depths. Additionally, there are pegs where you can store plates on this machine. This creates a counterbalance and makes this hefty machine even more sturdy. The plate storage option also makes the sizable footprint more tolerable because you will also have weight plate storage.

Speaking of the size of this machine, it is something that should be noted; it's massive and it is fairly heavy. Although it comes in at an excellent price, you will want to consider if you want to take up that kind of space for a machine that, while not singular in its focus, is fairly limited on what you can train.

What We Like

  • Very affordable
  • Provides weight plate storage
  • Belt included
  • High weight capacity

What We Don't Like

  • Diamond plated base can get slick
  • Included belt isn't the highest quality
  • Shorter users may struggle with range of motion

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Best Premium Belt Squat Machine - Rogue Monster Rhino Belt Squat Machine

Rogue Monster Rhino Belt Squat Machine


  • Dimensions: 53" x 60.5"; 78.5" height of tower from floor; 7" height of platform from floor
  • Weight: 500 lbs.
  • Weight capacity: 1,000 lbs.
  • Features: Utilizes pulley and cable system; has adjustable handles


Rogue is not known for subtlety. They go big, in both their build quality and the naming of their products, and the Rogue Monster Rhino Belt Squat Machine is no exception. It probably goes without saying, but this machine is a tank. It weighs in at a whopping 500 pounds and has a weight capacity that is twice that. Considering that it is our pick for a premium belt squat machine, it is a given that this one is going to roll large in the pricing department.

However, if you have the budget and a supported floor where it can be bolted (Rogue recommends this), the Rogue offering is in a class by itself. This machine uses a cable and pulley system and has adjustable handles which is great for multi-user households. You will also get a high-quality belt that has five D-hooks. These hooks allow you to attach the cable to different places on the belt for variations on your squats.

You will most likely want to assemble this where you're planning on using it because given its husky weight class, we doubt that you'll want to move it again. However, considering how much this weighs, you may be surprised by its fairly compact footprint. Rogue shows that it can pack a premium punch into a smaller package.

What We Like

  • Extremely durable
  • Adjustable handles
  • High-quality belt included
  • Weight and pulley system
  • Hefty weight capacity

What We Don't Like

  • Not very budget friendly
  • Takes a long time to put together
  • Needs to be mounted to floor

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What to Look for In a Belt Squat Machine

A belt squat machine is a large piece of equipment with a fairly steep price tag attached to it. This is not to say that they are not worth the investment, but there are several factors that you will want to look for before bringing your belt squat machine home.

Dimensions and Weight

You're going to need a decent bit of space and solid flooring to bring a belt squat machine home. Therefore, if you live in a small house or an apartment, these may not be ideal for you. You can expect to need a dedicated footprint of around six feet deep and nine feet wide to comfortably set up a belt squat machine. With the exception of the Rogue Monster Belt Squat Machine, which tops out at over six feet tall, these machines are fairly squatty. So, ceiling height will not be much of a concern. However, your floor's foundation and stability will be a major factor. Considering that this equipment weighs in between 200-500 pounds before you add weight plates, your floor will need to be able to support this. If you're considering the Rogue belt squat machine, it should be noted that it has to be bolted to the floor, as well.

Construction and Materials

Given the investment and the amount of weight that a belt squat machine will potentially be handling, you should make sure that they are being constructed with high-quality materials, particularly that the frame is made from 11-gauge steel. Additionally, you will want to ensure that the accessories such as handles, pegs, racks, pulley system, and safety stoppers have also been made with durable materials.

Price and Warranty

Even on the low end of the price range, belt squat machines are a fairly expensive piece of equipment. You can expect to pay between $800-$4,000 for this piece of equipment. For most users, we certainly think that you can find a solid machine for $2,000 or under, but that's still a hefty chunk of change. Therefore, it is important to check the warranty. After all, if you make that kind of investment, not only should you expect high quality, but you should also expect the manufacturer to stand behind their product with a solid warranty.

Benefits of Belt Squat Machines

Belt squat machines offer a variety of health and safety benefits, which is a large reason that their popularity is trending upward. Here are some of the benefits that you can expect from this strength machine.

Saves the Spine and Shoulders

Arguably the most beneficial aspect of belt squat machines is how they alleviate the stress on your shoulders, spine, and even hips. Traditional back squats are done by resting a loaded up barbell on your shoulders and squatting with it. This puts a lot of pressure on your upper body, and for those already dealing with shoulder, back, or hip issues, it can aggravate these injuries.


Back squats are a powerlift and this means that many people will be squatting heavy loads. Belt squat machines allow you to go big with the worry of having to bail a loaded barbell off your back if you can't get out of the bottom. Although it is never a bad idea to have friends around when you are lifting, this equipment allows you to squat more safely without spotters.

Hip Extension and Glute Activation

By strapping a belt loaded down with weights around you and then getting set on the footplate, your hips have no choice but to get involved. This is because the front loading positioning emphasizes hip extension. Not only will this provide power, but it will also activate your glutes. Using this piece of strength equipment allows you to pump up your glutes without adding stress to your back.


Although "squat" is the name of these machines, they are actually quite versatile—in both who can use them and the exercises that can be performed. This machine will allow anyone from beginning athletes to seasoned pros to train squats and several other exercises safely and efficiently. It is also great for those who are rehabilitating shoulder, back, or hip injuries.

Trains Proper Form

One of the most essential parts of weightlifting is learning and practicing good form. With traditional back squats, you may struggle to keep your spine vertical because the weight of the barbell can push you forward. Belt squat machines make it considerably easier to keep your spine upright, which can cut down on the chance of injury.

Types of Belt Squat Machines

There are two main types of belt squat machines, the cable belt squat machine that utilizes a pulley system and the lever belt squat machines that employ a pivot point.

Cable Belt Squat Machines

Cable belt squat machines, such as the Rogue Monster Rhino, are designed so that the cable and pulley systems that are hooked to either side of your belt, keeps you centered and counterbalanced. This allows your weight to stay centered under you and creates a natural squatting motion. Generally, these types of belt squat machines provide a smoother and more natural squat, but they are also larger and more expensive.

Lever Belt Squat Machines

Lever belt squat machines are simpler in their design than their cable belt counterparts. This makes them less expensive, but they can also restrict your range of motion when it comes to getting below parallel in the bottom of the squat. This is because the lever arm or the weight plates attached to it can hit the ground before you've gone through the full range of motion.

FAQs about Belt Squat Machines

Are belt squat machines worth it?

Although belt squat machines can be expensive, they offer a host of benefits as they allow you to train your lower-body muscles without putting the additional stress on your shoulders, spine, and hips that traditional barbell back squats can create. These machines are also versatile and help train proper form. Therefore, they are a worthwhile investment if you want to train your legs and glutes with reduced injury risk.

What muscles do belt squat machines work?

Belt squat machines primarily work your hamstrings and quadriceps. However, they are also beneficial for your glutes and abdominal muscles.

How long does it take to see results from squat machines?

When using belt squat machines, as with any exercise equipment, your results depend on your consistency and if you're using the proper form. Your consistency will lead to results in muscle definition and maybe even some weight loss. Proper form will keep you safe and injury-free.