9 Gym Bag Essentials to Pack

#2: Showerless Showers

The rest of the world may still be catching on to the no hair washing trend. I've been relying on this time saving tactic for years to help me transition from workout to work without a lengthy shower—making the lunch time workout a real possibility.

Essential Item: Oscar Blandi Dry Shampoo. This oil absorbing powder smells like sweet lemons and leaves my hair full of body and grease free.

If you don't have time for a shower there is absolutely no substitute for a really good hydrating mist. This cool spritz will help you feel refreshed and clean in the time it takes for a quick spritz.

Essential Item: Benefit's Ultra Radiance Rehydrating Mist. The hint of cucumber in this mist makes it as refreshing as a cool shower - and leaves my sensitive skin soft and radiant.

#3: Gymless Gym

When I'm really in a rush for time nothing beats equipment free workouts. There's so much you can do with just your own body weight for resistance. Using your whole body weight, plus heart pumping intervals, gets you a real workout in an unexpectedly short amount of time.

Essential Item: 10 Minute Workout Program. This program uses high-intensity interval training. Shorter, high intensity bursts of exertion which have been shown to have the same cardio endurance benefits as longer, moderate training.

There are also many different exercises you can do with a resistance band. You can work just about every muscle in your body with nothing but a small, inexpensive and portable tube.

Essential Items: Resistance Bands & Resistance Band Workouts. This quick workout is a personal favorite—especially during tank top season.

These items help me to fit in workouts during times that would otherwise be impossible.

Active logoPack your gym bag and head to a fitness class.

Dena Stern is a certified personal trainer and the Content & Community Manager for Exercise.com. She works with a highly trained group of nutritionists, trainers, yoga and Pilates instructors and athletes to provide the best information, tools and motivation related to exercise and fitness.

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