76 Ways to Get Moving

70.   Have a friend buy your groceries and only buy healthy stuff. Do the same for them. This will help you avoid impulse purchases in the snack aisle.

71.   Start reading food labels.  Being aware of what you're putting into your body will help you consider the smartest food options.

72.   Start by stretching. Staying loose and limber ensures that you'll always be ready for some spontaneous exercise.

73.   Buy a goal outfit. Have a pair of jeans/pants that you want to fit into by a certain date. Be realistic. You can always set a new goal outfit after you reach the first one.

74.   Read a health/motivational book. Literature has a way of inspiring us to alter our lives in positive ways. Find a good read to get you moving.

75.   Follow a blog. Watching others progress and share their success story can motivate you to take a page out of their blog.

76.   Find a mentor.  You can always make excuses for disappointing yourself, but the fear of disappointing a dedicated mentor is enough to keep you on track to reach your goals.

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