645 Beachbody Review: Will This 13-Week Program Help You Reach Your Goals?

645 Beachbody

Workout programs have many benefits, including helping you reach your weight loss goals and improving your overall fitness. They’re great for anyone looking for a structured program to follow over an allocated period of time, without needing access to a gym. 645 Beachbody is a 13-week program that is designed to work out your arms, legs, and other muscle groups, all in just 45 minutes from home. It includes weekly workouts dedicated to improving your mobility and flexibility, which helps prevent injuries.

These videos will take you through a pre-workout warmup and wrap things up with a quick post-workout cooldown. Is committing to Beachbody 645 worth it? In this 645 Beachbody review, the ACTIVE Reviews Team will give you all the details about this program so you can decide if it’s the right fit for you.

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A Quick Look at 645 Beachbody

A Quick Look at 645 Beachbody


  • Best for: Intermediate to advanced home exercisers who want to build strength, increase endurance, and improve mobility and flexibility

Amoila Cesar, the creator of 645 Beachbody, designed a 13-week program to build strength and improve both mobility and flexibility by implementing athletic training to achieve fitness and weight loss goals. Always upbeat, positive, and informative, Amoila leads each video with his tips on form. His program requires a minimal amount of equipment and each 45-minute video guides you through a full-body workout.

645 Beachbody also offers two nutritional plans to help you manage your meal choices so you can obtain results according to your goals and preferences. Unlike other programs that count calories, 645 Beachbody teaches you how to portion your food so your body is properly fueled for intense workouts. The idea is that these habits and patterns will follow you after you’ve completed the program.

What We Like

  • Program gradually increases in difficulty
  • Different focus each day
  • Nutrition plan keeps you on track
  • Minimal equipment needed

What We Don’t Like

  • Phase 1 may move a little slowly for some athletes
  • No variation in class length
  • Working out 6 days per week may not be suitable for everyone

A Closer Look at 645 Beachbody

What is 645?

645 Beachbody is a 13-week program that has stretching, mobility, resistance, cardio, and functional movements built in. Each workout is led by Amoila and you can watch as his class follows each movement and cue. Throughout the class, your personal trainer Amoila gives you tips on form and focuses on proper alignment, modification options, and more. Every day you’ll do a total-body workout that focuses on a particular muscle group for 45 minutes.

Who is Amoila Cesar?

Amoila Cesar created 645 Beachbody and is known for his experience training celebrities, pro athletes, and CEOs. His love for fitness started in his teenage years and he graduated from the University of Central Florida with an Exercise Science degree and obtained multiple certifications in strength and conditioning, nutrition, personal and functional training, and more.

From there, he moved to Los Angeles and started his business as a strength and conditioning coach. In 2019 he joined the Beachbody team and developed THE WORK and 645 Beachbody, implementing techniques he has used to help previous clients reach their goals and make performance gains while preventing injury.

How does 645 Beachbody work?

For 13 weeks, you’ll progress through four phases and exercise six days a week. There is an easy-to-follow printable workout calendar and an optional dumbbell tracker if you want to keep track of your weights. Four of the six training days are dedicated to building strength and power and the other two focus on mobility and building cardiovascular endurance.

Each phase ends with a deload week which will give your body a break from more intense training and get you ready for the next phase. As you progress through the phases, the intensity and volume also increase, with the intention that at week 13, you’ll be at peak performance.

Types of Workouts on 645 Beachbody

Each week starts by focusing on lower body strength and then shifts to total body power. In the middle of the week, you’ll work on mobility and stability. Then, you’ll wrap up the week by focusing on upper body strength and cardio. The strength-focused workouts have you switch from heavier weights and lower reps to working with lighter weights and more reps. Each workout has around seven movements so you’re engaged but not overwhelmed.

During your mobility and stability workout on Wednesdays, there is an emphasis on stretching, movement, and activating different muscles. Even though they’re more low impact, these exercises will help enhance your recovery and get you ready for the next strength training session.

Equipment Needed for 645 Beachbody

You’ll need a range of light to heavy dumbbells, power loops, and a mat. There are no set recommendations on weights for the dumbbells because what feels light or heavy is specific to you. It’s a good idea to consider that as you progress through the program, your strength will increase so you may want to plan on getting weights that are on the heavier side for later on.

Power loops are cloth bands that are used for resistance exercises. These bands can be purchased from Beachbody directly or you can select a set of your choosing from another retailer. Which cloth band you choose during your workout depends on your strength and the movement you’re doing. It’s recommended that you use cloth bands instead of rubber bands because the rubber ones tend to move and may be less challenging.

What We Like About 645 Beachbody

As you work through the program, the difficulty gradually increases, allowing you to build strength and power while you increase your range of motion. Every week you’ll have the same schedule and each workout is structured the same starting with a warmup and lasting 45 minutes. Even though you’re following a routine, you will be constantly changing your reps and weights to stay engaged and maximize your workout.

We like the minimal amount of equipment that’s needed. Amoila designed this program so you can make the most of the tools you have without needing an elaborate home gym. The nutrition plan options help you build healthy habits long term and teach you how to properly fuel your body.

What We Don’t Like About 645 Beachbody

This program is rated for intermediate to advanced home exercisers, which is a pretty wide range. Some find the amount of explanation in the first phase is really helpful while others may find it unnecessary and start to lose interest.

As previously mentioned, each class is 45 minutes long. That means if you’re running low on time that day, you might be tempted to skip important components such as the warmup or cooldown. While it might not seem hard to commit to less than an hour per day, it would be nice for people with busier or less predictable schedules to have more than one class-length option. This also goes for committing to six days per week—if you miss a workout you might feel like you need to catch up or like you’ve blown the whole thing.

Who Should Try 645 Beachbody?

645 Beachbody is designed for intermediate to advanced at-home exercisers. Amoila and his class demonstrate each movement and he always takes time to thoroughly explain the correct form. If you have any previous injuries or limitations, he also provides a modification for each movement. We really like that he takes the time to explain the "why" behind certain movement patterns since even intermediate and advanced athletes can benefit from learning something new.

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Our Verdict

645 Beachbody is an excellent program for those who want to build strength, boost endurance, and increase mobility and flexibility. It requires a minimal amount of equipment and optimizes functional movements throughout the 45-minute class. It also teaches you how to use nutrition to fuel your body while still hitting your wellness goals. This class is for people willing and able to keep their commitment to working out 45 minutes per day, 6 days per week.

FAQs About 645 Beachbody

Is 645 Beachbody good for beginners?

It is recommended for intermediate or advanced at-home exercisers.

Can you build muscle during 645?

Yes, four of the six training days are strength focused, which can help you build muscle.

What is the most effective workout on Beachbody?

Each day features a full-body workout with a focus on different muscle groups along with mobility and cardiovascular training, so it’s important to do every programmed workout to achieve the intended results.

Does Beachbody 645 get more intense?

Yes, this 13-week program is broken up into four phases and each phase incorporates more intense movements and weights.

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Rachael Gonzalez is a Staff Writer for ACTIVE. She spent five years in education before she joined the ACTIVE team in 2022. In this role, she is still able to make a positive impact on others by writing about something she loves: health and wellness.

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