6 Yoga Poses that Will Instantly Improve Your Mood

Life is hard. There’s no denying it. On the days we are happy and content, the world feels simple and life moves forward effortlessly. But on the days we feel sad, depressed or overwhelmed, it can feel like a day-to-day slog. And it’s in those moments that we need a little extra help.

Yoga can provide you with immediate support and sanctuary during life's most challenging times. It gives you a break from your to-do list, emails and endless errands, and it will help you regroup and reset your body and mind.

Each of these six yoga poses will help your body relax and your mind find peace. Also, the simplicity of each posture means that they are always available to you.

Give yourself time in each pose to process the physical and mental sensations. Turn your focus to your breath as you breathe through your nose, slowly.

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