4 Exercises to Improve Your Aero Position

<strong>Shoulder and upper-back strength helps maintain an aero position over the 112-mile bike leg of an Ironman.</strong> Photo: Jesse Hammond/Active.com

After maximizing your position on a time trial or tri bike, the next step is to be able to maintain that position over the course of your race.

Add these four exercises to your training to improve shoulder stability and increase scapular (upper back) strength.



Swiss Ball Y

Lie on a Swiss ball with your back flat and your chest off the ball. Your arms should hang down (thumbs forward). Glide your shoulder blades back and down, and lift your arms till you form a Y. Return to the starting position.

Swiss Ball W

Same starting position as for the Y, but bend your arms and squeeze your elbows in toward your ribs. Rotate your arms toward the ceiling, squeezing your shoulder blades together. Return to the starting position.

Swiss-Ball T

Same starting position as for the Y, but your palms should face forward. Pull your shoulder blades in toward your spine and extend your arms straight to the sides to create a T with your torso. Return to the starting position.

Swiss Ball L

Same starting position as for the Y, except your palms should face behind you. Bend your elbows so that your upper arms create a pair of L's. Rotate your arms so your palms face the floor. Retrace the pattern to the starting position.

Jason Goldberg is the director of operations for FIT Multisports, a professional sports marketing, management and coaching company. FIT Multisports uses cutting-edge scientific modalities and surrounds itself with industry leaders to achieve optimal results for professional athletes such as Bjorn Andersson, Richie Cunningham and Bryan Rhodes, as well as age groupers.

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