30-Days to Train for a 5K Challenge

Have you ever watched people cross the finish line of a local race and thought, "I could never do that?" Or are you an active walker, jogger or runner who knows they can cross the finish line, but not sure on how to do it? With a little guidance and motivation, you can cross the finish line strong.

The 30-Days to Train for a 5K Challenge is the perfect tool to help you set your goal, work toward it, and reach it. Just follow this month-long training plan to help you get race-day ready.

Whether you're fitness newbie or gym rat, here's how to train for your first 5K.  

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Getting Started

  1. Sign up for a local 5K.
  2. Recruit a training team. Running buddies can help you follow through on your goals. The more buddies you start with, the more likely you all are to finish together.
  3. Download and print your tracker. Record important training dates on your calendar.
  4. Join the Fun, Healthy, Fit Community for regular updates.
  5. Get social. "Like" the 30-Day Challenge Series on FaceBook and follow @30_Challenge on Twitter.

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