21 Ways to Energize Your Workouts


No Excuses

The most important part of getting fit is to stop making excuses not to, Dixon says. We all are crunched for time, sore, and just looking for an excuse to stay in our jammies.

But no excuse is good enough for you not to take care of your health. Start taking a "no-ifs,-ands,-or-buts-about-it" attitude toward fitness.

Be Flexible

You don't have to pack your workout into just one time slot. If you need to, break your workout into two or more smaller workout sessions spaced throughout the day. You'll get great results and will still have time for the rest of your responsibilities.

Too busy? Try the "No Time to Workout" workout.

Do Something

If you're like most women, when you don't have a full hour to devote to exercise you opt out. For what? A few more sleepy minutes between the sheets.

But even if you can only work out for 20 minutes a day, that time will make a difference. Something is always better than nothing.

Make it a Habit

Fitness isn't a luxury. It's a necessity. By thinking of exercise as just one of many important health habits, working out will become just as automatic as brushing your teeth, says Dixon.

Get a Goal

When starting or even maintaining a workout, motivation is key. Jot down your goal and post it in a prominent place like your bathroom mirror.

Whether you want to lower your cholesterol or fit into your size 6 jeans without a struggle, chasing a goal is the best way to keep you moving toward fitness.

Here's a goal: Fit into those skinny jeans.

No Gear Needed

Don't have the dough to dish out on a fancy gym membership? Luckily, plenty of recession-proof exercise routines don't involve a gym, equipment, or cash.

These exercises have the added benefit of freeing up your schedule, since you won't have to head off to the gym to get in a sweat.


Be Consistent

Wonder why the last day you skipped at the gym magically turned into a month? Because when we don't consistently exercise, fitness falls completely off our radar.

To stay consistent, Dixon recommends creating a set schedule of exercising at least three days a week. That way, on those days, you can literally check off working out. After all, what's more satisfying than checking off a to-do?

Assault Your Senses

You can't possibly get bored on the treadmill when you're watching trashy TV, chatting with your beaux on the phone, listening to your fave jam, or reading WH.

One activity not enough? Combine forces for extra stimulation.

Start Slowly

If you start an exercise routine too fast, it's easy to get discouraged -- or end up with a dumbbell on your toe.

But if you start off exercising slowly, and then gradually add difficulty to your workout, you'll feel challenged, not defeated. That's much more motivating.

Keep Track

By writing down your daily workouts (how long you run, how much you lift), you can literally see your progress on the page -- often before it shows on your body.

Plus, you won't have to play guessing games with the equipment every time you hit the gym, ensuring you the best sweat possible.

Wear the Right Gear

Not only does the newest workout apparel make you look pretty damn good, it can battle blisters, wick away moisture, and keep you feeling perky. All that makes for a better workout.
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