10 Tips to Stay in Shape at the Office

You want to get in shape, but long hours at the office are taking a serious toll on your workout time. Fear not, here are some very easy office stretches and exercises to help you out whether you're looking to shed a few extra pounds or stay in shape.

These stretches and workouts are designed for the men and women of corporate USA who have very little time to workout.

5 Key Stretches

Do stretches for 15 to 30 seconds.

  1. Neck Stretches - Slowly tilt your head toward your shoulder and hold for ten seconds each side. Keep this one slow and easy, the neck is very easy to injure.
  2. Arm Shoulders - Pull your arm across your chest, hook your other arm around it to pull the tension out of your upper back and rear shoulders.
  3. Back / Legs - Lean forward at the waist either from the standing position or sitting and bring your chest toward your thighs. Slowly try to straighten your legs - stretching your hamstrings.
  4. Thigh Stretch - Sit on left edge of your chair or stand. Grab your left ankle and pull it upward toward your buttocks. Switch sides.
  5. Calves Stretch - Stand and lean into your desk with your heels on the floor. Bend your knees slightly to stretch your achilles tendons.

5 Key Exercises

  1. Legs - Squats - Stand in front of your chair and repeat sitting down and standing up 10 times three times a day.
  2. Shoulder Shrugs - Just pull your shoulders as high as you can and roll them forward ten times and backward ten times throughout the day.
  3. Dumbbell Curls - While on the phone, you can grab a dumbbell and do bicep curls for 20 repetitions three times a day. Straighten your arms by your side and bring your hand (dumbbell) to your shoulder. Keep your palms up. Do one at a time if on the phone.
  4. Bench Dips - Using your chair or sturdy table, place your hands on the edge of the object and bend your arms to slowly lower yourself about six inches lower than the seat. Raise yourself by straightening your arms. Repeat this three times a day for 10 repetitions.
  5. Assisted Push-up - In the office, lean up against your desk and push yourself away from the desk while in a leaning position. Repeat this three times a day for 10 repetitions.

Active logo Try to make time after work hours. Find a fitness class.

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