10 Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Personal Trainer

Searching for the right personal trainer requires time and thought. Regardless if you belong to a gym, a private studio, or just want to train at home, you still have to do your homework to find a trainer that will be the perfect fit for you.

The first step on this journey is to ask your family and friends if they know of someone. If no referrals are available, then I suggest researching the local fitness facilities and private studios in your area. Once you have narrowed down your search, you need to ask yourself a series of questions prior to talking with a fitness professional.

These questions are:

  1. How committed are you to a health and fitness change?
  2. Can you afford personal training and what is your monetary threshold that you want to pay?
  3. What days and times are you available to train?
  4. Do you prefer a male or female trainer?
  5. If you have pre-existing medical conditions, such as high blood pressure, will your physician give you a medical clearance to do personal training? Also, are there any other restrictions and what are they?
  6. Does your trainer need to be college educated or just need a personal training certification?  What is most important to you?
  7. Are you OK with someone entering your personal space? This is important because a personal trainer will need to show you new exercises and monitor your technique.  If this is of concern, then maybe group training or taking a class is more suitable for you.
  8. Do you want to do partner training (2 people), group training (3+ people) or private?
  9. Do you require references from some of the personal trainers you are going to interview?
  10. How many years of experience do you require of your trainer?


All the questions need to be asked.  Unfortunately, there are trainers who are in the business to make a quick buck and will only be around for a short period of time.  On the other hand, there are trainers who are professionals and this is their career. They want to build a relationship with you and are dedicated in helping you achieve your health and fitness goals. If you just want someone to hold you accountable for showing up and doing something, then you may be okay with hiring a non-veteran.

But if you want the whole package, then ask all of these questions and really interview your trainer to find the right fit. You might pay more for this person, but in the long run, it will be money well spent.

Kisar Dhillon is a professional fitness trainer living in Orange County, California. He holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Kinesiology, Post Baccalaureate Studies in Exercise Physiology and a Masters in Business Administration. He has more than 16 years in the health & fitness industry and is currently the owner of 1-2-1 Fitness, LLC.

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