5 Hip-Strengthening Exercises You Should Do

Whether you're performing everyday actions such as standing, walking or bending over, or you're taking things to another gear and running, jumping or strength training, having strong hips can make a positive impact.

The muscles of your hips and glutes help with hip extension, rotation, abduction and stabilization. Sadly, millions of people sit for too many hours of the day. This sedentary lifestyle leads to poor posture, imbalances, injury risk and an overall unhealthy way to live.

The good news? There are certain movements and exercises we can do to help combat inactivity and build mobility and strength in the hips.

Method to the Madness

Some people want to jump right into trying advanced exercises such as squats and deadlifts. However, it's important to have a method to the madness with our programming. Having a proper plan in place will lead to more efficient and effective workouts.

Mobility is specific to a movement. Tissue length, neural control and joint architecture combine to create mobility, which is an important piece in creating a strong, injury-resilient body. Mobilize and activate the hips first, then build strength upon that newfound range of motion.

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