Why Do the Pros Go to Camp?

In 2005, after veteran Vjatcheslav Ekimov missed more than half the previous season due to injuries, he arrived at the team's Buellton camp with great fitness but rusty handling skills. He had been riding a trainer or by himself on the road for so many months that he needed a good week of riding shoulder-to-shoulder with his teammates to sharpen the edge that made him one of the best riders in the pro peloton.

Since all their riders are together in one place, many teams also use training camps to evaluate and adjust riders' positions on their road and time trial bikes, which means bringing in bike fit specialists. Teams also bring in sports nutritionists to examine and adjust riders' eating habits, especially around pre-, during-, and post-ride nutrition and hydration.

How Does Camp Improve Your Performance?

For many years, pro-quality training camps were only available to elite racers, but now, with the CTS Spring Training Camps I created, everyday cyclists can enjoy the same benefits. And after five years of running these camps, I've noticed that they have a greater impact on a recreational rider's season than they do on the pros' racing season. Think about it; when was the last time you spent three to seven days focused entirely on becoming a better cyclist? Probably never, right?

Well, after hosting more than a thousand athletes at these camps, what I consistently see is that the amount of interaction, feedback, instruction and training an athlete experiences during the course of a few days at camp leads to greater long-term improvements in fitness, weight loss and/or racing performance than anything else you could do in the same amount of time.

Start the season like a pro and with a camp. Then get ready for a breakthrough year on the bike.

This article was written and edited by the coaching staff of Carmichael Training Systems, Inc. To find out what CTS can do for you, and to receive our free newsletters, visit www.trainright.com.

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