The Perfect Base-Building Workout for Cyclists

Winter isn’t done with us by a long shot, but the holiday reprieve from training has come to an end. The cold weather season is the perfect time to rebuild your base and gain strength.

Forget the fancy programming, we’re sticking to the basics—with added volume. As always, offseason training should include plenty of protein and sleep to assist in recovery.

Most cyclists should strength train two days a week. The majority of the focus should be on the big muscle groups, with some core training to fill in the gaps. Workout times should total 40-50 minutes, including the warm up and cool down. Be efficient with your time in the gym.

Keep in mind, in order to drive the process of getting stronger, you need to try to add a little weight each week to the exercises—even as little as a pound. Be sure to track your progress. Always use common sense and feel free to substitute a different exercise for one you’re uncomfortable with.

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