Stage 20: Montélimar to Mont Ventoux

167K (103.8 miles) - July 25, 2009

• The only other time the Tour stopped in Montélimar was 2006

• Mont Ventoux has been a stage finish seven times, but never as the penultimate stop before Paris...until now

The View From Mont Ventoux

• From the Archive:

• Sprint Points at: Les Pilles, Mormoiron

• Mountain Passes: Côte de Citelle located at 14 kilometers - 5.2km climb to 3.9 percent grade - Category 3; Col d'Ey at 65.5km - 6.7km climb to 4.8 percent grade - Cat. 3; Col de Fontaube at 87km - 4.7km climb to 4.2 percent grade - Cat. 4; Col des Abeilles at 121.5km - 7.7km climb to 4 percent grade - Cat. 3; Mont Ventoux at 167km - 21.1km climb to 7.6 percent grade - Hors Categorie

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