Sprint Workouts All Cyclists Should Do

If you're a fan of the professional peloton, chances are you've dreamed about raising your arms at the finish line after an all-out sprint.

But regardless of whether you intend to mix it up at your next local race, learning to sprint can be beneficial to your overall fitness—no matter your cycling goals.

Include these basic sprinting workouts and tips into your weekly training routine to improve your power, speed and endurance on the bike.

Tips for Sprinting

Even if you don't consider yourself a sprinter or plan to participate only in the occasional organized weekend ride, completing sprint-specific workouts will benefit your overall endurance and improve your lactate threshold. It can also be a good way to mix up your training and fit in a quality workout in an hour or less.

Before you begin including sprint-specific workouts into your regimen, there are a few basic principles and techniques you'll need to know:

• Always try to avoid sprinting from the front of a group—the second or third position in a line will always have the advantage.
• Shift to the maximum gear you'll be able to sustain for about 30 seconds of all-out effort before you begin your sprint.
• Get out of the saddle when the sprint begins and keep your hands in the drops.
• Keep your upper body as still as possible.
• For additional power, pull up on the handlebars as you press down on the pedals.
• The wind matters—keep your center of gravity as low as you can without sacrificing power.

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