Pre-Race Nutrition Guide for Cyclists

It's RACE DAY. It's 90 minutes to race time and you ate your breakfast one or two hours ago (allowing three or four hours post-breakfast for digestion). You've been following a sound nutrition plan and you have rested and fueled properly in the last 48 hours to assure your glycogen reserves are full. So what to do in the last 90 minutes before go time?

With 90 minutes to go you should be mainly focused on hydration, carbohydrate intake, caffeine and beet juice. Now is not the time to eat high fat or high protein foods as they take more time to empty out of your stomach and won't serve you during your event. The focus would be on easy to digest carbohydrate-based foods or sports drinks, depending on your preference.

Let's look at each one individually, starting with hydration.

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